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FIT v čase

Similarly to when a new life is born, our faculty has been growing and evolving. When FIT first came to existence, there was a huge question mark over whether we will make it. But there was also an exclamation mark which said we will! Since then, we have been proudly facing all challenges and celebrating each achievement. We have overcome many hurdles and we’ve been pursuing our goals with passion. And all this thanks to our experienced leadership, hard-working teachers and enthusiastic students.

The story of FIT begins

An idea is born at the Department of Computers at FEL to establish a faculty that will focus solely on informatics.

8 April 2008

FIT begins to materialize

Prof. Pavel Tvrdík, advisor to the CTU’s Rector in the field of informatics, presents the primary goals and plans for the new faculty at a press conference.

7 April 2009


The Czech Accreditation Bureau approves the bachelor study program in Informatics and the establishment of a new faculty. The new program has 6 Czech specializations.

1 July 2009

New IT faculty at CTU

The Faculty of Information Technology is officially established as CTU in Prague’s eighth faculty.

The university magazine Pražská technika (Prague Polytechnic) publishes an issue entitled “ČVUT má FIT” (CTU has FIT).

21 September 2009

First students

The first 500 students at FIT begin their studies at the Balling Hall of the National Library of Technology.

1 October 2009

First dean

The FIT Academic Senate elects Prof. Pavel Tvrdík as dean. Prof. Václav Havlíček, Rector of CTU, signs and presents Prof. Tvrdík with a letter of appointment for dean of FIT.

2 November 2009

New computer lab

The SunRay computer lab is inaugurated by FIT at the National Library of Technology. The lab was donated by sponsor Sun Microsystems Czech, s.r.o.

20 September 2010

We can now award the “Ing.” master degree

We open a master program in Informatics, both in the Czech and the English language. The bachelor program now also includes a Czech part-time form and English form.

1 December 2011

Department of mathematics established

The FIT Academic Senate greenlights the establishment of the Department of Applied Mathematics. The faculty is now able to teach all maths courses.

20 June 2012

First laboratory

We are inaugurating the 3D Print Laboratory. The faculty’s first ever laboratory came to existence thanks to the students’ passion for this new open source technology.

18 July 2012

First graduates

The first 189 FIT students, of which 101 had completed their bachelor studies and 88 their master studies, attended a graduation ceremony at the Bethlehem Chapel.

13 May 2013

We connect law and IT

The first edition of the LAW FIT conference is held. This brand new project at FIT connects law and information technology.

23 September 2013

Rollout of cooperation with industry

We establish the Cooperation with Industry Portal (SSP) aimed to help students gain practical working experience.

17 March 2014

Unique laboratory

We open the Network Visualization Laboratory, a joint workplace with CESNET and FEL CTU and a one of its kind laboratory in the Czech Republic. The laboratory has large-format visualization equipment with high resolution and high-speed Internet access.

24 September 2014

First jobs fair at FIT

The first edition of the COFIT jobs fair takes place, the aim of which is to connect students and partner companies.

22 June 2016

FIT students club

The students at the faculty have established the FIT++ students club, a branch of the CTU Student Union.

23 February 2017

More laboratories

A new Image Processing Laboratory opens at FIT. It is dedicated to teaching in the field of visual data processing and creating an environment for the application of theoretical knowledge in practice.

16 June 2017

New dean

The FIT Academic Senate elects doc. Marcel Jiřina, former vice-dean for science and research, as dean of FIT.

17 May 2018

Unique Department of Information Security

A sixth department is established at the faculty. The Department of Information Security is a first of its kind in the Czech Republic. In this way, the faculty responds to the lack of experts in this field.

8 July 2018

Cooperation with Stanford University

In cooperation with Stanford University, we hold a two-week course for high school students called Introduction to Computer Science, a first of its kind in Europe.

1 October 2018

Using robots in teaching

Humanoid robots Pepper are used in teaching at the Laboratory of Intelligent Embedded Systems at FIT, another first in the Czech Republic.

22 March 2019

Robots handing out diplomas

Fresh graduates receive diplomas from humanoid robots Pepper. A historic first in the Czech Republic.

1 July 2019

The first decade of our existence comes to a close

We are celebrating our 10th anniversary! As part of the celebration, people who have played an important role in the establishment and development of FIT receive medals at a ceremony at the Bethlehem Chapel.