FIT CTU built a top recording studio not only for online teaching

22. 9. 2022

FIT CTU responded to the need for online teaching during the coronavirus pandemic and built a professional streaming and recording studio with top equipment on the faculty premises. Thanks to modern technologies for almost CZK 4 million, it provides high-quality online teaching to its students, presents science and offers its services also within the entire CTU.

FIT CTU combined the technical capabilities of the IT faculty and professional recording experience and built a modern audiovisual studio for its employees, teachers and students. Teachers can stream lectures for students, for which they also make a recording from the stream, there are interviews with scientists, and every month another part of the faculty podcast, Jedničky a Nuly, is born behind the microphone.

“The technically advanced quality of the record is primarily ensured by professional lighting, high-quality wireless microphones, broadcast and film cameras with high resolution 4K and 12K,” said Ing. Jakub Jančička, studio’s manager, and added: “The studio also has a green background that can be used for keying – that is for computer replacement of the background behind the speaker. All this together will enable recording in first-class quality, which is crucial for subsequent post-production.”

Experts from the recording studio will completely prepare the applicant for audio and video recording, they will carry out the actual production as well as the subsequent editing or sound modification of the recorded material. In this way, the applicant receives a complete product of professional quality.

“We equipped the studio thanks to years of experience. We purchased high-quality technical equipment for the studio because we did not want to be satisfied with the usual technology used in teaching,” said Ing. Jančička. “To achieve the desired lighting, the light panels can be moved with the help of running rails, and the intensity and color temperature of the light can be controlled remotely. Wireless audio sets, professional microphones and noise microphones are available in the studio. Wireless earpiece listening is suitable for reverse communication from the control room to the speaker during a live broadcast,” Ing. Jančička added.

An integral part of the studio is the control room, which is located in the next room. It allows programs to be streamed to internet portals and used to utilize recorded materials. It is equipped with an editing console that allows you to switch between eight inputs, supports image corrections and a diverse range of transition effects and inserts graphics into the image. Thanks to the partial mobility of the studio, it is possible to use its equipment to stream video inputs that will also be created in other rooms around the faculty, namely on YouTube, MS Stream or another platform.

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