Introduction to Computer Science – summer course

Introduction to Computer Science is a unique course intended for high school students. The course teaches coding in a fun and accessible way. The course is led by teachers and students from Stanford University and FIT.

Date and place

The two-week course “Introduction to Computer Science” takes place in July.
The course is not taking place in 2023 
(or the following years until further notice).

The attendants have a unique opportunity to find out what an introductory informatics course at Stanford University, one of the best universities in the world, looks like. The course is led by teachers and students from Stanford University and from FIT. Thanks to meticulously prepared teaching materials and assignments the course is entertaining and playful, and its participants make good progress.

The course is an equivalent of a very successful four-week course CS106A at Stanford University. In this course, about 1,600 students per year can learn the basics of programming. The course is a result of 20 years of interaction between dozens of teachers and more than 10,000 students. The course has been adopted by a number of universities worldwide.

The topics include the programming language Karel and the introduction to programming in Java. Emphasis is given to the use of graphics elements in Java. Examples of programming using the graphic library lead to a demonstration of the implementation of the game “Breakout”.

Contact person

RNDr. Jiřina Scholtzová, Ph.D.

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