Jobs fair

Are you looking for a thesis topic or semester work, a part-time job or a post-study opportunities? The COFIT Jobs fair brings you the most interesting IT companies, a new talk show Technology Foresight and a professional consultancy from the CTU Career Centre.

October 2022, 10:00–17:00
Thákurova 9, 160 00 Prague 6

Next COFIT jobs fair will take place during October 2022.


Why should you participate?

You’ll meet global leaders and interesting start-ups

A lot of them studied or are now participating in teaching and research at FIT.

Arrange an internship or a thesis

Get involved in real projects. You will gain invaluable experience and a lot of new contacts.

You’ll learn how to combine work and study

Use outcomes from cooperation with company in subjects and combine work with study.

We open all our laboratories for you

Take a look inside our laboratories and find out how to get involved in research and development.

Companies in your field

We are very picky about who we want to cooperate with. We can offer you a wide range of companies from multinationals to interesting start-ups with innovative potential and ethical approach to business. All of them are worthy of your interest, and you are of interest to them.

Are you interested in cooperation?

We train top specialists that contribute to the competitiveness and innovation potential of companies and institutions in the Czech Republic. We are systematically building scientific research capacity that will allow us to pass on to our students the latest knowledge, offer expert consultations and implement projects in cooperation with companies and institutions.

Possibilities for companies

Ing. Jana Hacmacová

Ing. Eliška Novotná

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