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Atrium of the New Building of CTU

Get to know company experts and HR managers from more than 60 IT companies and find out what opportunities you have during your studies. Various activities and competitions will also take place at the stands.

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Choose from projects, internships, topics for thesis and term papers, and part-time jobs. If you don't want to spend time searching, subscribe and have a selection of tailored offers sent to your inbox.

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Career Centre CTU

Atrium of the New Building of CTU

Get useful tips for the recruitment process: answer one of the tricky questions prepared for you by the recruiters in a safe environment. Try out in a playful way what belongs and does not belong in a resume.

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Technology Foresight


No one can predict exactly where technological development is heading, but our guests can approach it in their fields. In each episode of a visionary tech show called Technology Foresight, Sara Polak interviews experts from the laboratories of the Faculty of Information Technology and partner companies about technologies that have the potential to advance development a few steps into the future. You will learn about their achievements so far, their short-term plans, and their ambitious visions. And if all our predictions come true? We will have to wait for that.


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