Ing. Jan Fesl, Ph.D.


Videostream Hunter

CESNET - Fond rozvoje
Another domestic provider
2021 - 2023
Currently, a large amount of multimedia content (audio/video) is offered through online platforms, typically at the request of the user (Video-on-Demand). This practice is quite common today for paid services (eg online video rentals), but it also appears on data sharing platforms (eg. Ulož.to), where the legality of the origin of the data cannot be guaranteed. There are even platforms where it can even be argued (see the document "On the Net") that your own content, regardless of origin, can be extremely harmful (eg. terrorism, child pornography, etc.). The whole thing is further complicated by the fact that the majority of this traffic is currently encrypted using the HTTPS protocol, which makes it very difficult to identify. The purpose of the project is to search for ways and mechanisms for finding the fingerprint of specific video streams and then identify them from the network traffic reported via the NetFlow / IPFix protocol. The solution of the project presupposes the creation of a common research infrastructure over a distributed data storage (created from SSD or NVMe disks) between the two university workplaces, the interconnection of which will be realized through the Cesnet backbone network.