G²OAT seminar: Discovering Hidden Subelections


22. 4. 2024
13:00 – 14:00


Room TH:A-1247

Thákurova 7, Prague 6



Grzegorz Lisowski from the AGH University of Krakow will speak at the regular Monday seminar of the G²OAT group. During his talk, he will discuss finding consistent voter groups in ordinal elections, addressing complexity and experimenting with synthetic and real data.

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We show how hidden interesting subelections can be discovered in ordinal elections. More precisely, we address the problem of finding large sets of voters who have a consistent opinion regarding a large set of candidates, focusing on three interpretations of consistency: Identity (voters have the same rankings), antagonism (half of voters shares a ranking of candidates, while the other half ranks them in the reverse order), and clones (all selected voters rank all selected candidates contiguously in the original election). We first provide theoretical results concerning the computational complexity of our problem. Then, we report an experimental study on identifying consistent subelections, both on synthetic and real-life data.

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