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Complete your outFIT with a faculty T-shirt. They are available in a wide range of colors and sizes. You can also buy a stylish bottle, a cup for the necessary coffee for a lecture, a notepad and a multipurpose scarf (not just) for your FIT workout.

You can buy the FIT merchandise in the University Bookshop for Specialized Literature at the National Library of Technology or on the eshop. The merchandise was designed and produced by the FIT Office of Public Relations.

University Bookshop for Specialized Literature Eshop

Nalgene bottle (1 liter)

Designer brand Nalgene bottle for school and sports. A wide neck contributes to the usefulness of this bottle, so washing or filling the bottle is no problem. The line marks help you monitor your drinking regime or make it easier to mix a drink (e.g. isotonic one). The cap is firmly attached to the bottle with a band so that you won’t lose it, and you can also carry the full bottle comfortably. In addition, it is impact-resistant, does not hold odors and can handle boiling and icy drinks. Of course, it is BPA, BPS and phthalate free.

  • The bottle costs CZK 290.





Circular Cup (340 milliliters)

A reusable coffee cup made in the UK (not in China) from recycled disposable paper cups.

The Circular cup does not leak, thanks to the 100% seal. It does not burn in hand and keeps drinks hot or cold longer. It opens and closes effortlessly with one hand. Last but not least – when drinking from it, you don’t have to sip coffee through a tiny hole.

More than 100 billion disposable plastic cups are thrown away every year. The period of use of such a disposable cup is about 30 minutes, and then it decomposes in nature for more than 450 years.

  • The cup costs CZK 290.



Do you know the situation when you need to note something, but your phone has just died, and your laptop is being updated? For these cases, we have an A5 notepad for you. But it’s not just any kind of notepad! We created it for you with hardcover, 70 lined sheets and a ring binding, making it a great helper when studying.

  • The notepad costs CZK 55.




Men’s T-shirts

You can enjoy the great graphic design during your studies and also after, when it will remind you of your alma mater. In order to be able to combine your T-shirt with different outfits, buy them in different colours – you can choose from black, blue, light blue, yellow and red colour.

  • You can choose from sizes S–XXL.
  • The T-shirt costs CZK 249.




Women’s T-shirts

The slimmer fit (but not too much) is available in several colours. In this way, you can combine your T-shirt with your shoes, bag, earrings or socks. It depends on you. The T-shirts are available in black, blue, red, pink and yellow.

  • You can choose from sizes S–XL.
  • The T-shirt costs CZK 249.




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