Code Course name
BIE-ZRS.21 Basics of System Control
BIE-ZRS Basics of Systems Control
BIE-SCE1 Computer Engineering Seminar I
BIE-SCE2 Computer Engineering Seminar II
BIE-SAP Computer Structures and Architectures
BIE-SAP.21 Computer Structures and Architectures
BIE-JPO Computer Units
BIE-JPO.21 Computer Units
BIE-CAO Digital and Analog Circuits
BIE-VES Embedded Systems
BIE-VES.21 Embedded Systems
BI-HAM HW accelerated network traffic monitoring
BI-ARD Interactive applications on Arduino
BI-JPO Computer Units
BI-JPO.21 Computer Units
BIE-MPP.21 Methods of interfacing peripheral devices
BI-MPP.21 Methods of interfacing peripheral devices
BI-MPP Methods of interfacing peripheral devices
BIE-PNO.21 Practical Digital Design
BIE-PNO Practical Digital Design
BI-PNO Practical Digital Design
BI-PNO.21 Practical Digital Design
BIE-SRC.21 Real-time systems
BI-SCE1 Computer Engineering Seminar I
BI-SCE2 Computer Engineering Seminar II
BI-SAP Computer Structure and Architecture
BI-SAP.21 Computer Structure and Architecture
BIK-SAP.21 Computer Structure and Architecture
BIK-SAP Computer Structure and Architecture
BI-SRC.21 Real-time systems
BI-SRC Real-time systems
BIE-TZP.21 Technological Fundamentals of Computers
BIK-TZP.21 Technological Fundamentals of Computers
BI-TZP.21 Technological Fundamentals of Computers
BIK-TUR.21 User Interface Design
BI-TUR User Interface Design
BI-TUR.21 User Interface Design
BIK-TUR User Interface Design
BIE-TUR.21 User Interface Design
BIE-TUR User Interface Design
BI-VES.21 Embedded Systems
BI-VES Embedded Systems
BI-ZRS Basics of System Control
BI-ZRS.21 Basics of System Control
BI-CAO Digital and Analog Circuits
BIK-CAO Digital and Analog Circuits