Future Port Youth


11. 11. 2021
8:00 – 14:00



Thákurova 7, Prague 6


No registration required



Come and listen to top innovators and visionaries from all over the world who will look for answers to solve current problems using new technologies. The international conference, Future Port Youth, brings together hundreds of high schools and universities worldwide and aims to showcase the incredible opportunities that new technologies bring.

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Why attend the event

  • You will learn about the possibilities that science and exponential technologies, such as AI, XR, robotics, 3D printing, space technology and biotechnology, are putting at our fingertips.
  • You will recharge your batteries with new energy and the desire to build a better world actively.
  • You will become part of the international Future Port Youth network.
  • New opportunities for career growth in promising fields will open up for you.

About the event

The conference is going to be screened in TH:A-1455 classroom and is in English. As part of the screening, Sara Polak will lead a discussion in Czech with attendees. You can attend according to your time/study possibilities.


  • 8:00–9:00: Where Does the Future Take Us?
    Welcome, Vision keynote, Q&A, Break
  • 9:00–10:15: Food & Fashion Driven by Tech & Circularity
    Future of Food, Future of Fashion, Discussion, Break
  • 10:15–11:40: What Moves Us on and off Earth
    Future of Mobility, Future Beyond Earth, Q&A, Break
  • 11:40–12:55: Future with AI, Robots & Avatars
    Future is Virtual, Future with AI and Robots, Discussion, Break
  • 12:55–14:00: What’s Next?
    Future of Money, Closing Keynote, Wrap-up & What’s next?


  • Bionic Tilley (UK): Ambassador for Open Bionics
  • Tanmay Bakshi (CAN): AI Whiz Kid, Influencer & Google Dev Expert
  • Dr. Anita Sengupta (US): Ex-NASA Engineer, CEO & Founder at Hydroplane
  • Frank M. Salzgeber (NL): Head of Innovation and Ventures Office at ESA
  • Artur Sychov (CZ): VR Metaverse Evangelist, Founder and CEO of Somnium Space
  • Leonardo Karsunky (US): Chief Strategy Officer for Swisspod
  • Vitor Espirito Santo (US): Director of Cellular Agriculture at JUST
  • David Stancel (SK): Cryptocurrency Evangelist, Researcher & Consultant

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