Quantum Day 2024


26. 6. 2024


National Library of Technology
Balling Hall

Technická 6, Prague 6





We are opening the doors to the fascinating world of quantum technologies, where science, government, industry and innovation are coming together. Join us for the second annual Quantum Day conference!

You can look forward to presentations from international start-ups that will share their stories and experiences and present us with their successes and challenges, which will be valuable inspiration for local start-up plans. Of course, there will also be representatives from the investors. There will be no shortage of news in quantum technologies – from local success stories to a multinational perspective on quantum technologies. Quantum computing, sensing, communication or quantum security will be interwoven throughout the programme.

  • Quantum Day conference is a platform for discussing the use of quantum technologies to solve real-world problems and for discussion and collaboration between the research community, industry, and government organizations. 
  • This year’s Quantum Day is preceded by the International Quantum Hackathon, which takes place under the auspices of CTU. The winners of the Quantum Hackathon, along with the results of the teamwork, will be announced on stage during the event.


The second edition of Quantum Day is full of news! We will reveal how CTU is fully entering the era of quantum computing with IBM and opening new horizons for the Czech research community. Encounter new ideas, approaches and practical tips from industry and research experts – all this and much more at Quantum Day 2024!

Below are the topics you can look forward to at this year's Quantum Day.

With the exception of talks marked (ENG), Quantum Day will be held in Czech.

8:15 – Registration

9:00 – Opening of Quantum Day by the Rector of CTU

Presenting doc. RNDr. Vojtěch Petráček, CSc. - Rector of CTU

9:05 – Opening session


  • PhDr. Ivan Bartoš, Ph.D - Minister for Regional Development, Office of the Government of the Czech Republic
  • PhDr. Marek Ženíšek, Ph.D. - Minister for Science and Research, Office of the Government of the Czech Republic

9:20 – Looking back at the past year - What did we achieve in quantum?

Presenting Mgr. Petr Kavalíř, Ph.D., MBA - Quantum Commissioner, Office of the Government of the Czech Republic

9:30 – Panel discussion: Quantum in the Czech Republic and next steps

Moderator Ing. Kristina Lišková, Director ADVANCED TECH&MATERIALS HUB, CzechInvest


  • Mgr. Petr Kavalíř, Ph.D., MBA - Quantum Commissioner, Office of the Government of the Czech Republic
  • Ing. et Ing. Martin Švík Ph.D., MBA - Vice President and Chief Technology Officer IBM for Northern, Central and Eastern Europe
  • Ing. Petr Očko, Ph.D. - Senior Director, Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • Tomáš Cinert - Head of Space, HULD

10:30 – Break

10:45 – Post Quantum Cryptography [EN]

Presenting Msc. et Msc. Ray Harishankar, IBM Fellow Quantum Safe & Vice President

Quantum computers are expected to unlock immense business and research potential but can also pose a risk to many of the encryption algorithms used to secure the digital economy. In this session, discover how you can harness the anticipated benefits of quantum computing while also mitigating against the potential risks with quantum-safe technologies to modernize your enterprise for the quantum era.

11:05 – Panel discussion: Impact of quantum technologies on security [EN]

Moderator Mgr. Milena Jabůrková - Vice President for Digital Economy and Education, Confederation of Industry


  • Msc. et Msc. Ray Harishankar, IBM Fellow Quantum Safe & Vice President
  • doc. Ing. Leoš Boháč, Ph.D., CTU, FEL
  • RNDr. Bohuslav Rudolf, Cryptographic Security Analyst, National Cyber and Information Security Agency
  • Msc. Jonasz Danilewicz, Cybersecurity Manager (E&Y)

12:05 – Lunch break

12:45 – Role of CTU in the creation of a quantum ecosystem

Presenter prof. Ing. Igor Jex, DrSc. - CTU, FJFI

12:55 – Panel discussion: Education in the field of quantum technologies

Moderator Ing. Veronika Kramaříková, MBA, Vice Rector for Development and Strategy, CTU


  • Prof. Ing. Prof. Igor Jex, DrSc. - CTU, FJFI
  • Jakub Holub, Senior Partner & VP Public and Healthcare NCEE
  • RNDr. Zdeňka Koupilová, Ph.D., KDF MFF UK
  • Mgr. Jiří Nantl, LL.M. Deputy Minister of Education, Ministry of Education
  • prof. Ing. Josef Lazar, Dr., Institute of Instrumentation, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

13:55 – Student Engagement: Quantum demos & industry use case


  • Mgr. Ondřej Král - Advisory AI Engineer & Quantum Ambassador, IBM
  • Bc. Michael Wagner - Student, CTU
  • Richard Hartmann - student CTU
  • Bc. Eliška Krátká - Student of CTU

14:25 – Technology Incubation & Support for Start-ups in the Czech Republic


  • Ing. Kristina Lišková, Director ADVANCED TECH&MATERIALS HUB, CzechInvest
  • Martin Drdul MBA: General Partner Tensor Ventures
  • Mgr. Ondřej Král, Advisory AI Engineer & Quantum Ambassador, IBM

14:55 – Quantum Start-up example [EN]

Presenting Witold Jarnicki Ph.D - Co-Founder BEIT

15:15 – Coffee break

15:30 – Quantum Hackathon – Winners Announced


  • Ing. Kristina Lišková, Director ADVANCED TECH & MATERIALS HUB, Czechinvest
  • Ing. Ivo Petr, Ph.D. CTU, FIT

15:45 – Quantum Hackathon – Winning Presentation

15:50 – Closing speech


  • Prof. Ing. Igor Jex, DrSc. - CTU, FJFI
  • Mgr. Ing. Jan Michal - Director General of CzechInvest

Topics to look forward to on the agenda

  • The latest trends in the world of Quantum 
  • Introduction of Czechinvest & Start-up Quantum programmes 
  • Looking back at the past year – CTU’s connection to IBM Quantum computer 
  • Developments in quantum computing, sensing, communications and security 
  • Practical inputs from experts from business, start-ups and research 
  • Announcement of the Quantum Hackathon 2024 results


International Quantum Hackathon is organized under the auspices of doc. RNDr. Vojtěch Petráček, CSc., rector of the Czech technical university in Prague (CTU). For the CTU the organizers are the Faculty of Information Technology and the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering.


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Tato akce je realizována v rámci projektu Podpora podnikavosti, který je součástí Národního plánu obnovy, komponenty 1.4 Digitální ekonomika a společnost, inovativní start-upy a nové technologie, financovaného z Evropského fondu pro regionální rozvoj.





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