Informatics Evenings: How (not) to build a startup in the age of AI?


13. 5. 2024


Posluchárna T9:107

Thákurova 9, Prague 6


Without a reservation


Will be recorded

How do you brew a tech startup? What are the most important tips for getting started? What are the differences between Czech and American startups? How can AI accelerate the building of startups? "It's not rocket science, and AI makes everything easier," says Adam Zvada, a graduate of FIT CTU in Prague who has founded several startups. Come to his lecture and discussion as part of the Informatics Evenings series, which we organize in cooperation with the student club CoPRACUJEME.

While studying at FIT CTU, Adam Zvada was part of the AI research team at Avast. Subsequently, he founded the AI studio Cognitic, which helped him fund his startups, Fuzee and GoDeliver. He and his friend David Mokos founded NFTScoring and rocketed. They were among the first to see the lack of infrastructure in the NFT world, which we know from the financial markets. They seized the opportunity and created an analytics platform that has attracted over half a million users and a record pre-seed investment of 37 million crowns. They got into the prestigious US accelerator Y Combinator, and NFTScoring gradually grew into Singular - the all-around NFT exchange. They collected and visualized data from multiple marketplaces and blockchains in real time to provide traders with everything they need. After the demise of NFT, Adam returned to AI and is developing an exciting new product in San Francisco.

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