Graphic's Thursday: Eye-Tracking Applications


23. 5. 2024
16:30 – 18:30


Room TH:A-1452 (SAGElab)

Thakurova 7, Prague 6

Learn more about the fascinating world of eye tracking and its use in understanding human behavior and communicating with different systems and devices. In our talk, you will learn how eye-tracking technology helps evaluate user interfaces, websites, and software applications and how it can improve interactions in industry, automotive, medical research, and education. Join us and discover how eye-tracking can bring new insights and innovation to your industry. Eye-tracking technology will be presented by Ing. Miroslav Laco, PhD. The event will be part of the Graphic Thursdays at FIT CTU.

Eye-tracking is a scientific methodology that involves monitoring and recording eye movements to gain insights into human cognition and behavior. It may be beneficial to understand how individuals interact with various systems, devices, and objects in their environment. We can achieve this by a dvanced usability studies where the eye-tracking helps us to evaluate user interfaces, websites, and software applications in a more detailed way. By tracking gaze patterns, user experience researchers identify areas of interest and human gaze behavior within them, navigation efficiency, and potential design improvements. Engineers and designers may benefit from the eye-tracking to enhance user experience in the field of human-machine interaction in the automotive industry, as well. For instance, analyzing a driver’s gaze during car operation can lead to better dashboard layouts and reduced distraction design of the infotainment systems. In the field of medical research and education, eye-tracking helps in understanding decision-making processes of domain experts and improving medical training, as well as monitoring the efficiency of the user interfaces in the field of applied medical research and education.

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