FIT CTU, together with CIIRC and CzechTrade, will support the restoration of Ukraine with the help of a smart application

11. 11. 2022Ivana Macnarová

The Memorandum of Cooperation in the project Demands and Offers Ukraine 2022 was signed by representatives of CIIRC, FIT CTU and CzechTrade. The project will use the partners’ unique know-how to effectively, economically and digitally support the restoration of the business environment in Ukraine. The project is also supported by the Business Club of Ukraine, managed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. The project will also be joined by CTU students.

The use of artificial intelligence algorithms, including machine translation for fast communication and finding a suitable supplier based on the parameters filled in the application: this is how the new application developed by the partners of the Memorandum will work. The main intention is to use this fully digital and user-friendly application, built on the already existing information technology environment of CzechTrade, in the challenging process of Ukraine restoration, especially of its business infrastructure. Primarily of the population’s most basic needs: reconstruction of housing, water supply, heating, etc. The application helps using of easily available resources at a minimal cost, and at the same time, it is a good export opportunity for Czech companies.

Students will also be involved in the project and the development of the application, for example, in hackathons or the development of specific parts of the project. The future success of the application, which will connect demand to offer, is also supported by the fact that the Embassy of Ukraine in the Czech Republic is informed about the project from the very beginning and actively cooperates with the project. The project is also supported by the Business Club of Ukraine – a powerful and inclusive tool of the government for communication with the Czech business environment.