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Graduation ceremony

What is a graduation ceremony, and how does it work? Find out all about this academic ceremony that concludes your successful university studies on this page.

What is a graduation ceremony?

Graduation is a formal academic ceremony at which diplomas are awarded to graduates of a bachelor or master study program. In addition, a special award is also given to students who have written an outstanding bachelor or master thesis.

Who is it for?

A graduation ceremony is for successful graduates of all forms of bachelor and master programs. Of course, you can also invite your loved ones. The graduation ceremony is not compulsory, so if you cannot or do not want to attend, please let your study officer know.

Office of Study Affairs

Where does it take place?

A graduation ceremony, like most CTU ceremonies in today’s ceremonial form, is usually held in Bethlehem Chapel and involves the university insignia (chains, sceptres) and ceremonial suits (academic robes) with the participation of academic dignitaries.

Bethlehem Chapel

When does it take place?

Graduation ceremonies take place on two dates during the academic year. The exact date is always determined in the FIT schedule. The exact time and specific instructions can then be found in the events of the Office of Study Affairs. Students are usually divided into individual ceremonies according to their study fields/specializations. They should arrive at the venue no later than one hour before the start of the respective ceremony.

  • Graduates of the SFE in June have a graduation ceremony in September.
  • Graduates of the SFE in August and February have a graduation ceremony in March.

Schedule Events

Course of the ceremony

There is a rehearsal before the ceremony. Therefore, graduates must arrive at the venue an hour before the start of the ceremony. The ceremony itself lasts approximately one hour.

A promotor verbally guides the ceremony. The course of the ceremony itself is as follows:



  • To the sound of the organ, the following individuals enter the Bethlehem Chapel:
    • Graduates,
    • Faculty teachers,
    • Promotor with a diplomas presenter,
    • Dean or Vice-Dean, together with a beadle bearing the sceptre of the faculty,
    • Rector or Vice-Rector, together with a beadle bearing the sceptre of the university.
  • The Czech National Anthem is played, after which all participants can be seated.
  • The promotor opens the graduation ceremony and introduces all academic employees.

Ceremony itself

  • The Rector or Vice-Rector delivers a speech.
  • The Dean or Vice-Dean delivers a speech.
  • The Rector or Vice-Rector gives his consent to award academic degrees to graduates.
  • A selected graduate recites the oath.
  • The promotor commences the actual appointment of new Bachelors/Engineers.
  • Finally, a selected graduate delivers a speech.


  • The promotor concludes the graduation ceremony.
  • To the sound of the student anthem, Gaudeamus igitur, the individuals leave the chapel in the reverse order of arrival.

Graduation oath

I swear that, bearing in mind the role of science, technology and art, I will use the knowledge acquired during my studies at the Faculty of Information Technology of the Czech Technical University in Prague to the benefit of my country, the development of society and own personality. I will strive, with all my power, to support the development of science, technology and art and live my life so that my acts comply with academic education.

I swear that I will honour the Czech Technical University in Prague and will support its activity according to my ability also in the future.

Useful information

Dress code

A graduation ceremony is a formal event that requires appropriate behaviour and dress. Men should choose a formal suit with a (bow) tie, while women are encouraged to wear a suit or formal dress (but not a ball gown). Appropriate, formal shoes are also important. If inappropriate attire is worn, participants may be excluded from the event.


Everyone you want to invite can attend your graduation ceremony. There is no need to buy tickets and no limit to the number of guests per graduate. However, please consider the participation of children under 6 years old. It is a shame if the whole ceremony is disturbed by children’s restlessness or crying.

  • Guests should take their seats no later than 5 minutes before the start – it is customary to start on time.
  • In consideration of the dignity of the ceremony, formal attire is expected for guests.

Taking photos during a ceremony

Please limit taking photos individually so all guests can enjoy the ceremony uninterrupted.

Professional photographers take graduation photos, which you can then order. Their flyers and business cards are always available right in the chapel. If you are interested, you can contact them via email (Jiří Mužík, Renata Kolaříková).


Bethlehem Chapel is located in the very heart of Prague’s Old Town. It is virtually impossible to park near the chapel. Therefore, we recommend parking on the outskirts of Prague and taking public transport to the venue (Národní třída metro and tram station).

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