Department of Digital Design

Chair: doc. Ing. Hana Kubátová, CSc. tel: 2 2435 9840 Research activities

Department of Digital Design focuses on the design of processors, embedded controllers and computer communication systems; development of software for special-purpose digital devices and for controlling their user or machine interfaces; design of algorithms implemented at the boundary of hardware and software (HW/SW codesign) and optimized according to specific requirements (die size, operating frequency, power consumption, speed, rapid design). Digital design also includes the use of appropriate formal models (e.g. Petri nets), modeling, emulation, simulation and verification. Members of the department strive to participate in grants and research projects aimed at the development of reliable FPGA-based and SoC-based systems, diagnostics, on-line and off-line testing and its optimization, and design and implementation of modern architectures for processors and crypto hardware. Reasearch groups Digital Design Research Group

Teaching in the Bachelor Informatics programme

Department of Digital Design teaches the following mandatory modules: Computer Structure and Architecture (BIE-SAP), Digital and Analog Circuits (BIE-CAO). The department also teaches the following Computer Engineering modules: Computer Units (BIE-JPO), Embedded Systems (BIE-VES), Practical Digital Design (BIE-PNO) and Real-time Systems (BI-SRC). For its research and teaching activities, the department manages and maintains a hardware laboratory that is equipped with modern design, simulation and modeling tools and up-to-date hardware design kits.

Name and surname Function E-mail Phone Room
Ing. Tomáš ApeltauerPh.D. A-1051
Ing. Matěj BartíkPh.D.
Ing. Jan BělohoubekPh.D.
Ing. Jaroslav Borecký, Ph.D.assistant
Ing. Tomáš Čejkaassistant
Ing. Marek DanelPh.D. A-1051
Ing. Martin Daňhelassistant
Ing. Radek Dobiáš, Ph.D., MBAassistant
doc. Ing. Jiří Douša, CSc.associate
Ing. Almotasem EssaPh.D.  
doc. Ing. Petr Fišer, Ph.D.associate
Ing. Ivo HálečekPh.D.
Bc. Jiří Havránekexternal  
Jaroslav Hlaváčexternal  
Ivana Holíkovásekretář
Bc. Otto Hollmannexternal  
Ing. Robert HüllePh.D.
doc. Ing. Kateřina Hyniová, CSc.associate
Bc. Jakub Jančičkaassistant A-1329
Ing. Ladislava Smítková JankůPh.D.
Bc. Tomáš Jánskýexternal  
Ing. Stanislav JeřábekPh.D. A-1051
Bc. Radek Jirešexternal  
Ing. Miroslav Kalinaexternal  
Bc. Zdeněk Kasnerexternal  
Ing. Filip KodýtekPh.D. A-1149
Ing. Martin Kohlík, Ph.D.assistant
Ing. Pavel Kubalík, Ph.D.assistant
doc. Ing. Hana Kubátová, CSc.associate
Ladislav Macounexternal  
Ing. Vojtěch MiškovskýPh.D.
Vojtěch Nevřelaexternal  
Dr.-Ing. Martin Novotnýassistant
Ing. Petr Petroušexternal  
Ing. Adam Plánskýexternal  
doc. Ing. Alois Pluháček, CSc.associate
Ing. Jan PospíšilPh.D.
doc. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Stefan Ratschanassociate
Bc. Jan Řezníčekexternal  
doc. Ing. Jan Schmidt, Ph.D.associate
Ing. Miroslav Skrbek, Ph.D.assistant
Bc. Petr Sochaexternal  
Bc. Dominik Soukupexternal  
Ing. Filip Štěpánekexternal
Ing. Marek Švepešexternal  
Bc. Jakub Tauchmanexternal  
Ing. Pavel VítPh.D.  
Bc. Tomáš Zimmerhaklexternal  
Bc. Matěj Židekexternal  

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