Code Course name
BIE-ASE Advanced Systems Engineering
BIE-AG1.21 Algorithms and Graphs 1
BIE-AG1 Algorithms and Graphs 1
BIE-AG2 Algorithms and Graphs 2
BIE-AG2.21 Algorithms and Graphs 2
BIE-AX2 Algorithms and Graphs 2 No Implementation
BIE-AX1 Algorithms and Graphs No Implementation
BIK-AG1.21 Algorithms and Graphs 1
BIK-AG1 Algorithms and Graphs 1
BI-AG1 Algorithms and Graphs 1
BI-AG1.21 Algorithms and Graphs 1
BI-AG2 Algorithms and Graphs 2
BI-AG2.21 Algorithms and Graphs 2
BI-AVI.21 Algorithms visually
BIE-AAG Automata and Grammars
BIE-AAG.21 Automata and Grammars
BI-AAG Automata and Grammars
BI-AAG.21 Automata and Grammars
BIK-AAG Automata and Grammars
BIK-AAG.21 Automata and Grammars
BIE-CCN Compiler Construction
BI-EP1.24 Effective programming 1
BI-EP1 Effective programming 1
BI-EP2 Efficient Programming 2
BI-ICS Introduction to Computer Science
BIE-CSI Introduction to Computer Science
BI-ICS.18 Introduction to Computer Science
BI-CSI Introduction to Computer Science
BI-OOP Object-Oriented Programming
BIE-OOP.21 Object-Oriented Programming
BIK-OOP.21 Object-Oriented Programming
BIE-OOP Object-Oriented Programming
BI-OOP.21 Object-Oriented Programming
BIK-OOP Object-Oriented Programming
BI-ORL Operations Research and Linear Programming
BIE-PJP.21 Programming Languages and Compilers
BIE-PJP Programming Languages and Compilers
BIE-PPA.21 Programming Paradigms
BIE-PPA Programming Paradigms
BIE-PA1 Programming and Algorithmics 1
BIE-PA1.21 Programming and Algorithmics 1
BIE-PA2.21 Programming and Algorithmics 2
BIE-PA2 Programming and Algorithmics 2
BI-PJP.21 Programming Languages and Compilers
BI-PJP Programming Languages and Compilers
BI-PPA Programming Paradigms
BI-PPA.21 Programming Paradigms
BIK-PPA Programming Paradigms
BIK-PPA.21 Programming Paradigms
BI-ACM Programming Practices 1
BI-ACM2 Programming Practices 2
BI-ACM3 Programming Practices 3
BI-ACM4 Programming Practices 4
BI-PA1.21 Programming and Algorithmics 1
BI-PA1 Programming and Algorithmics 1
BIK-PA1.21 Programming and Algorithmics 1
BIK-PA1 Programming and Algorithmics 1
BIK-PA2.21 Programming and Algorithmics 2
BIK-PA2 Programming and Algorithmics 2
BI-PA2 Programming and Algorithmics 2
BI-PA2.21 Programming and Algorithmics 2
BI-PMA Programming in Mathematica
BIE-VAK.21 Selected Combinatorics Applications
BIE-SEG Systems Engineering
BI-SEG Systems Engineering
BI-TS1 Theoretical Seminar I
BI-TS2 Theoretical Seminar II
BI-TS3 Theoretical Seminar III
BI-TS4 Theoretical Seminar IV
BI-CCN Compiler Construction
BI-TEX TeX and Typography
BI-VAK.21 Selected Applications of Combinatorics
Code Course name
NIE-APT Advanced Program Testing
NI-ATH AlgorithmicTheories of Games
MIE-AVY Automata in Text Pattern Matching
MI-AVY Automata in Text Pattern Matching
MIE-GEN Code Generators
NIE-CPX Complexity Theory
MIE-KOD.16 Data Compression
NIE-KOD Data Compression
MI-PAM Efficient Preprocessing and Parameterized Algorithms
NI-PAM Efficient Preprocessing and Parameterized Algorithms
MI-EVY.16 Efficient Text Pattern Matching
NI-EVY Efficient Text Pattern Matching
NIE-EVY Efficient Text Pattern Matching
MIE-EVY.16 Efficient Text Pattern Matching
MIE-FLP.16 Functional and Logical Programming
MI-FLP Functional and Logical Programming
MI-FLP.16 Functional and Logical Programming
NI-GEN Code Generators
NI-GAK Graph theory and combinatorics
MI-GAK Graph theory and combinatorics
NIE-GAK Graph theory and combinatorics
NIE-DVG Introduction to Discrete and Computational Geometry
NI-KTH Combinatorial Theories of Games
MI-ATH Combinatorial Theories of Games
NI-KOD Data Compression
MI-KOD.16 Data Compression
MI-LOM.16 Linear Optimization and Methods
NI-LOM Linear Optimization and Methods
NI-MPJ Modelling of Programming Languages
MI-NON.16 Nonlinear Continuous Optimization and Numerical Methods
NI-NON Nonlinear Continuous Optimization and Numerical Methods
MIE-NON.16 Nonlinear Continuous Optimization and Numerical Methods
NIE-NON Nonlinear Continuous Optimization and Numerical Methods
NIE-PAM Parameterized Algorithms
MIE-SYP.16 Parsing and Compilers
NIE-SYP Parsing and Compilers
NIE-ROZ Pattern Recognition
MIE-ROZ Pattern Recognition
MI-PAL Advanced Algorithms
NI-APT Advanced Program Testing
MI-ROZ.16 Pattern Recognition
NI-ROZ Pattern Recognition
MI-RUN.16 Runtime Systems
NI-RUN Runtime Systems
NI-MOB Student mobility
NI-SLA Sublinear algorithms
MI-SYP.16 Parsing and Compilers
NI-SYP Parsing and Compilers
NI-TS1 Theoretical Seminar Master I
MI-TS1 Theoretical Seminar Master I
NI-TS2 Theoretical Seminar Master II
MI-TS2 Theoretical Seminar Master II
NI-TS3 Theoretical Seminar Master III
NI-TS4 Theoretical Seminar Master IV
MI-CPX Complexity Theory
NI-CPX Complexity Theory
NI-VOL Elections
NI-APR Selected Methods for Program Analysis
NI-DVG Introduction to Discrete and Computational Geometry