Scientific Council

According to Section 27 of the Higher Education Act No. 111/1998, the Academic Senate approves the Dean’s proposals for nominating or dismissing members of the Scientific Council and the Disciplinary Committee of the faculty.

The Scientific Council, according to Section 25 of the above-mentioned Act, is an official body of the faculty. According to Section 30 of the Act, the Scientific Council:

  • discusses the long-term strategic plan of the faculty in the areas of teaching, scholarly, scientific, research, development, artistic and other creative activities, elaborated in compliance with the strategic plan of the public higher education institution;
  • approves study programmes that are to be offered by the faculty;
  • exercises its duties in procedures for obtaining “venium docendi” (habilitation) and procedures for the appointment of professors and in the extent provided for by the Act;
  • expresses its view on matters presented to it by the Dean.


Members of the Scientific Council

prof. Ing. Mária Bieliková, PhD. FIIT STU text mining, predictive models, modelling
doc. Ing. Přemysl Brada, MSc., Ph.D. FAV ZČU predictive models, ontology, models
doc. Ing. Petr Fišer, Ph.D. KČN FIT ČVUT testing, diagnostics
prof. Ing. Michal Haindl, DrSc. KTI FIT ČVUT statistical methods in recognition
prof. Ing. Jan Holub, Ph.D. KTI FIT ČVUT data compression, stringology
doc. Ing. Jan Janoušek, Ph.D. KTI FIT ČVUT theory of compilers, arbology
doc. RNDr. Ing. Marcel Jiřina, Ph.D. KTI FIT ČVUT artificial intelligence, knowledge engineering
prof. Dr. Ing. Petr Kroha, CSc. KSI FIT ČVUT software engineering, text mining
doc. Ing. Hana Kubátová, CSc. KČN FIT ČVUT HW, digital design
prof. Ing. Róbert Lórencz, CSc. KPS FIT ČVUT IT security, architectures
prof. RNDr. Jaroslav Pokorný, CSc. KSI MFF UK databases, SW engineering
prof. Ing. Václav Přenosil, CSc. FI MU Brno networking, distributed systems
prof. Ing. Lukáš Sekanina, Ph.D. FIT VUT Brno reconfigurable HW
prof. RNDr. Tomáš Skopal, Ph.D. KSI FIT ČVUT database systems, web search, visualization
doc. Ing. Štěpán Starosta, Ph.D. KAM FIT ČVUT mathematics
doc. Ing. Daniel Svozil, Ph.D. FCHT VŠCHT bioinformatics
prof. Ing. Jiří Šafařík, CSc. FAV ZČU  operating systems, system programming
doc. RNDr. Jiří Šíma, DrSc. ÚI AV ČR informatics, neuron networks
prof. Ing. Miroslav Tůma, CSc. ÚI AV ČR/KNM MFF UK numerical methods
prof. Ing. Pavel Tvrdík, CSc. KPS FIT ČVUT parallel systems
prof. Ing. Jiří Žára, CSc. FEL ČVUT computer graphics


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