The 8th Prague Embedded Systems Workshop


6. 11. – 8. 11. 2020



At this international research meeting organized by the Department of Digital Design, doctoral students present and discuss their results and progress in all aspects of embedded systems design, testing and applications. The workshop mainly focused on dependable and low power design, and it also has a special session on network security. The event also includes invited keynotes by influential experts from universities and industry.

Conference website

Student Poster Session

The workshop also includes a competition for the best bachelor and master thesis. You can enter it with a thesis from the field of embedded systems, which was defended this or last year (from the 2019/2020 summer semester ). Young members of the IEEE organize the meeting so you can join the international professional community.

Call for Papers

You can register 3 submission types for the workshop:

  • Until September 20, full paper.
  • Until October 4, an abstract of an already published paper.
  • Until October 11, student poster of a bachelor or master thesis.


Contact persons

prof. Ing. Hana Kubátová, CSc.

Head of the Department of Digital Design

doc. Ing. Petr Fišer, Ph.D.

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