Informatics evenings: Cryptographic co-processor not only for bitcoin hardware wallet


3. 4. 2023


Lecture hall T9:107

Thákurova 9, Prague 6



During the Informatics evenings lecture, experts from Tropic Square will shatter the notion that chip design is a hardware-only field. They will introduce you to the entire ASIC chip design process using the TROPIC01 chip as a specific case. You will learn why it is good to use embedded processors, what issues they solve when choosing cryptographic algorithms, how the chip verification and validation process works or what are the so-called secure elements and why they work on the secure element in Tropic Square.

The lecture is conducted in Czech.

About the speakers

Jan Pleskač

Jan is the technical director and co-founder of Tropic Square. He transforms his experience in traditional, closed, ASIC and FPGA design into more open solutions that meet new requirements for openness and auditability of chips, where the focus is on high computational and physical security.

Ondřej Ille

Ondřej works in Tropic Square as the head of the design team. He is an expert in chip design, from architecture to IP design, from subsystems to basic building blocks.

Vít Mašek

Vít is studying a master programme at FIT. He extended his bachelor thesis focused on arithmetic for operations with elliptic curves to the ECC processor (SPECT), a key component of the TROPIC01 chip.

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