Students from FIT CTU and CU came out on top in Konsent hackathon

6. 6. 2021

The first edition of the Czech-Israeli online Konsent hackathon focused on the prevention of sexual violence in the academic environment and on violence against children was held on 21–23 May 2021. Entropy, a team of students of FIT CTU and Charles University, took the first place in the hackathon.

Konsent hackathon is organized by Konsent, an independent organization. The aim of the 24-hour event is to find a technological solution to the problem of sexual violence at universities and violence against children, a topic that was sponsored by Azrieli College and Hadassah Academic College.

The Entropa team took home first prize for the development of the SafeCamus app. In its full version, the app will provide victims of sexual violence and harassment at universities with a quick and simple questionnaire that will generate personalized advice and contacts that will help them solve this difficult situation.

“The app should be able to analyze these anonymized reports using artificial intelligence and subsequently assess the situation at the given university or its part,” says Lucie Procházková, a member of Entropa, adding: “In cooperation with universities, the results of the data analysis should help universities implement programs against sexual violence and harassment tailored to them.”

Members of the team: Antonin Kříž, Adam Procháska and Lucie Procházková, Jakub Horák (FIT CTU), Markéta Karlasová (CU FA), Martin Košatka (FL CU).

Since 2016, Konsent has focused on the prevention of sexual violence and harassment against women. In cooperation with experts, it organizes workshops and campaigns for schools and universities and creates projects targeting sexual violence.

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