FIT student has graduated the inter-university program Minor

14. 10. 2021

On Tuesday, 5 October, a ceremony was held at the Old Town Hall to present certificates to new graduates of the Minor program. Student FIT Ing. Petr Kasalický is one of them. In addition to the offerings in the areas of machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics or programming, participants have the opportunity to understand the ethical, safety and social aspects of artificial intelligence.

Over 240 students have applied to Minor in the three years of its existence, of which 96 have been selected for study.

“Thanks to the combination of four faculties from two universities, students have a unique opportunity to expand and deepen various aspects of the development and application of artificial intelligence and become part of the Prague technology scene,” says program manager Julie Kovaříková from

Students are selected for the program once a year. The deadline for applications is announced in early March, but interested students can already register by emailing or via the website, where they can find further details about the program. Anyone who is a student in one of the participating faculties can apply. A committee made up of representatives from the participating faculties will then assess the students grades, technical knowledge and motivation.

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