FIT offers help and support in connection with Ukraine situation

We aim to help all those affected by the war in Ukraine as best we can. FIT tries to assist our students in need. We offer job vacancies and provide clear information on how to help.

Admission of Ukrainian students Help for FIT students How to help Ukraine

Admission of applicants from Ukraine with refugee status

The conditions for an extraordinary admission procedure are currently being prepared and approved. We expect their approval and publication at the beginning of June. After that, the application process will be open.

Details on the extraordinary admission procedure

Help for FIT students

Help in the study

FIT catered to students in need during the summer semester by modifying study requirements based on the Dean’s Decision and the Rector’s Order, mitigating adverse impacts on students.

Some of the concessions can still be requested, e.g. the possibility to pass the exams until September or the State Final Examination at the turn of August and September.

Other help

We also offer vacancies and the following assistance, not directly related to teaching, as far as possible:

  • We provide psychological or legal assistance within counseling centers, specifically CIPS and ELSA.
  • In legal matters, you can ask a faculty lawyer.
  • Assistance with arranging or extending visas at
  • Ukrainian students can still receive support in the form of free accommodation in the dormitories and meals in the CTU canteens.

How to help Ukraine

There are many suggestions from FIT employees or students. They offer equipment purchases, financial and non-financial collections, psychological help, accommodation and more. We are happy that such suggestions are coming in. A number of proven organizations are dedicated to these areas. The faculty supports these organizations that have contacts and know what is needed.

How can I help

  • Stojíme za Ukrajinou: information on how to help financially, materially or even physically. The creation of the website was sponsored by Česko.Digital, which is financially supported by the faculty.
  • Pomáhej Ukrajiněhere you can offer your specific help.
  • We recommend that financial assistance is channelled through verified organizations: Czech Red Cross, People in Need, AdraCaritas Czech Republic, Memory of Nations or UNICEF.
  • Silicon Hill is organizing a collection of material goods to help Ukraine. Donation of items to the collection at Strahov Dormitory is possible by prior arrangement (contact email The collection point is at the Strahov Dormitory (Vaníčkova 7, Prague 6 – block 1, 2nd floor at the end of the corridor, office of the CTU Student Union).