FIT students developed an innovative training aid for volleyball players

Students of FIT CTU have developed a unique training aid for professional and recreational volleyball players. They have combined their competitive volleyball experience with the knowledge gained from their IT studies and developed a lighting aid called Training lights. The training aid is based on light strips that are controlled by a mobile application. The player has to react according to how the strips light up. This will improve his reactions, making his performance more efficient in the match itself.


Bc. Dominik Stasiowski, Bc. Martin Kop and Bc. Marek Šulc are students of FIT CTU, IT enthusiasts who have been playing volleyball competitively for a long time. Therefore, they connected their hobbies and founded a startup company DSparx, which produces Training Lights. The training aid consists of three to four varicoloured light strips controlled by a mobile application. The strips can be hung on a net or placed on the ground and the speed of lighting can be controlled by the application. They light up in any order and it is up to the player to play the ball in their direction. The innovative sports aid pushes the player's level of peripheral vision and speed of reaction. All this with the help of a visual stimulus - light.

"Training lights serve top athletes as well as beginners, children and adults. What makes Training Lights unique is that they simulate visual stimuli that the player must react to, just like in a game," says Bc. Dominik Stasiowski, one of the authors. "We would like to spread the idea of Training lights globally, not only in the volleyball sphere, but also in other sports. For example, it can be used in football, tennis or basketball," Dominik reveals his plans for the future. The application will be available in February 2022.

In addition to the Training Lights applicatio, this FIT CTU student team has previously developed another mobile application called Czech Volleyball for the Czech Volleyball Federation. It is an information service designed for players, coaches and fans. It contains current rankings, competition results, online broadcasts of matches, invitations to events or articles.

"Originally, the Czech Volleyball application was the subject of Mark and Martin's bachelor thesis. However, the management of the federation liked it so much that they decided to redesign it and the result of the bachelor thesis became an application used by the general public. At that moment the guys decided to invite me and I didn't hesitate. The project is still running and we are continuously maintaining and expanding it," concludes Dominik.

The Czech Volleyball application is available on the App Store and Google Play.