FIT students are successful graduates of the inter-university Minor program

Fifteen students interested in a deeper understanding of the technical and social science aspects of artificial intelligence and machine learning successfully completed the unique inter-university educational Minor program this year. Five students of FIT CTU are among the graduates of the program: Ing. Vojtěch Cahlík, Bc. Ladislav Floriš, Ing. Matej Choma, Ing. Ondrej Pudiš and Ing. Tomáš Zvara. The ceremony of awarding certificates of the program completion took place on Tuesday, 20 September 2022, at the Old Town Hall.

The inter-university program aims to train a new generation of experts in artificial intelligence. Minor offers its students an important added value – interdisciplinarity. The educational program constantly evolves in response to student demand and university supply. It currently offers 22 courses in 6 thematic blocks, ranging from social sciences and ethics to diverse programming languages and machine learning methods.

The program results from long-term cooperation between FIT CTU and FEE CTU with FSV UK and MFF UK with the support of the capital city of Prague. The development of artificial intelligence and the education of a new generation of multidisciplinary experts is a long-term priority for the Czech capital, which has ambitions to become a major global centre of technological innovation.

All Minor graduates rate the program very positively. They welcome the opportunity to meet experts from practice and students with a similar focus.

“The most important thing for me was the opportunity to deal with topics that interested me and that I didn’t know much about. I enrolled in courses at another university, so the change of environment was interesting,” Ing. Vojtěch Cahlík said.

“My major field of study was security. I expected the program to get me a basic overview of knowledge engineering, which the program fulfilled. Apart from the study itself, you become part of the growing AI community and get the opportunity to meet new interesting people in the field,” Ing. Tomáš Zvara, the graduate, added.

“Thanks to the program, registering for a course from another faculty has become easy. I could try analyzing the effects of AI on society or robotics,” another graduate, Ing. Matej Choma, said.

Ing. Ondrej Pudiš joined his fellow graduates: “In terms of content, the program brings the best of the faculties courses and allows meetings with other students of the program, as well as with experts from practice. These meetings were a motivation for further studies.”

“I plan to continue attending events organized by and also to take other courses from the Minor selection, which I did not have time for during my bachelor studies,” Bc. Ladislav Floriš mentioned.

The program opens for new students at the beginning of March each year. However, students can express their interest now via the website, where students from participating universities can apply for the program. Successful applicants will then be selected by an academic committee assessing their grades, technical knowledge and motivation.