FIT students’ app motivates millions of people around the world to improve their fitness

The guys founded Fitify Workouts, a company with a team of developers, designers, physiotherapists and fitness trainers.

Martin Mazanec, as a classical IT guy, had a sore back. He did it his way – he created a fitness app that users can tailor to their fitness needs. Martin Mazanec, a FIT CTU graduate, and Matouš Skála, his friend from his faculty studies, developed the Fitify application, which became a hit after its release. Now over 20 million people from 180 countries worldwide exercise with it. The student startup has thus become a globally successful project.

Martin and Matouš founded a startup that became a globally successful company. Thanks to the Fitify app, users can tell themselves what they want to work on – to lose a few kilos, gain muscle, improve their fitness or embark on a healthy lifestyle. Based on an entry questionnaire, Fitify will tailor a workout plan to each individual. Exercises with the Fitify app do not require any special equipment and can be done using only your own body weight.

“So far, we have managed to reach more than 20 million people around the world, and 700,000 people train with us every month,” Martin Mazanec said, proving people’s desire to do something with and for themselves.

The company has a team of developers, designers, physiotherapists and fitness trainers. The Fitify app, which works as a home fitness trainer, is downloaded by over 120,000 users every month, allowing the app to catch up with global competition such as Runtastic, Nike Training Club and 8fit.

In 2019, the app was successful in the AppParade competition of domestic mobile apps. Among other things, thanks to the original use of push notifications that motivate users to exercise again using these quotes: “Sometimes later becomes never.”, “The best view comes after the hardest climb.” and “When you want to give up, remember why you started.” These phrases can remind users why they started exercising in the first place and what was behind their decision to do something about themselves and their life.

The company plans to expand its app to support mental well-being through audio meditation and breathing exercises. They are also working on an app for creating healthy personal diets.

“Users will be provided with a tailored menu including all dietary restrictions, from gluten-free or individual allergens to the keto diet. We work with nutritional therapists and nutritionists,” Martin Mazanec said about Fitify’s future development plan.

Martin and Matouš financed the creation of Fitify in 2018 from their own resources, so-called bootstrapping. This was the case until recently. A $2.5 million investment from Ondřej Fryc’s Reflex Capital fund will help them develop further. The app’s creators want to use the money to develop the platform and launch a new product.

Along with the investment, Fitify announced the new Fitify Plus, connecting users with a professional fitness trainer who trains them online via phone. Fitify Plus wants to focus on health issues that software cannot solve, i.e. helping with exercise techniques, passing personal experience and a one-on-one approach.

In 2021, Martin Mazanec was listed as one of the 30 under 30 talents in the prestigious Forbes magazine.

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