Data Science Laboratory (DataLab)

Cooperation with industry

In the Data Science Laboratory (DataLab), we do basic research as well as applied research, in which we connect academics and students with industry partners from various fields.

Work experience during studies

Univeristy is about more than just studying. We make sure that students gain experience during their studies by inviting them to join projects solved in companies today. Together with companies, we prepare attractive projects for students and integrate practice directly into classes. Such cooperation brings innovation to companies and valuable experience to students. And not only that – students can have these projects recognized in their courses and get paid for them.

This kind of collaboration is naturally more time-consuming for us and the companies; however, this model benefits all in the long run.

We are a company; how will this work?

Here is one example of cooperation with the commercial sphere, specifically with Showmax. In 2016, we did a small project with this company, and the results were fascinating. Based on this, Showmax decided to invest more in cooperation with us because they saw the potential. In 2017, in addition to the contract research worth CZK 500,000, an independent ShowmaxLab was established at the faculty, which operated until 2020. Both students and academics were involved in the lab dedicated to applying artificial intelligence in image vision. Other examples include companies such as Datamole, Recombee or Profinit.

Why do not companies do their own research?

Companies are constantly under pressure to create innovations, but they rarely have the in-house capacity to implement research projects internally at a truly cutting-edge level. In DataLab, we create an environment that allows companies to research with us. They can use our capacity to innovate their products or services. Thanks to the Data Science Laboratory, the faculty has experience in data processing using new artificial intelligence methods that we develop ourselves.

Through this cooperation, companies can train future employees. We call these companies sponsors. In short, the company pays a fee to participate in the COFIT Jobs Fair we organize at the faculty, write about it in our magazine, or publish their job offers. Another category of companies is called partners. These companies want to work closely with us, are fearless in letting us into their data, and are willing to go into joint projects with us and pay for high-quality research.

Would you like to cooperate with us?

How to cooperate with DataLab

  1. A framework agreement with the Faculty of Information Technology
    • It permits the use of the laboratory’s human resources for joint testing in the form of studies.
    • It allows the company to present at the faculty’s PR events or to give lectures in the study courses of the laboratory.
  2. A particular joint project of various forms
    • Various forms mean grant programs (Innovation Vouchers, TAČR, GAČR, etc.).
    • Under this arrangement, the laboratory provides the expertise, and the company supplies the problem.
    • The project can be in different stages of research – feasibility study, PoC (proof of concept) or industrial solution.
  3. Contractor-client relationship
    • The laboratory can do so-called contract research, i.e. providing a solution and getting paid for it.
  4. Knowledge training
    • Based on demand, the laboratory can provide individual training sessions on machine learning and data processing for schools, institutions and companies.

We cooperate with company laboratories

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