Daria Objeleanscaia


Daria is a 3rd-year student in the bachelor’s degree programme in Informatics with a specialization in Computer Science at FIT CTU. Daria decided to study information technologies mainly because of her passion for mathematics. When she was a small girl, Daria’s grandmother taught her how to count, multiply, etc. Daria always liked mathematics during her school years and found it easy to learn. She likes how mathematics is structural, abstract, and logical. After high school, Daria wanted to study applied mathematics because it was the only subject she enjoyed throughout her studies. Daria also wanted to do something creative to be able to see the results in everyday life. She concluded that IT was perfect for her. It combines everything she likes: mathematics and puzzles. Moreover, it focuses on more technical tasks and fulfils her urge to create and see the results of her effort (for example, application coding, etc.). Studying IT also provides Daria with a wide range of career opportunities after graduation.

“I have decided to study in Prague because it’s a very safe city, and my choice was FIT CTU because it’s young faculty with an innovative approach to education. I also like the possibility of discovering other areas by taking elective courses that I could choose on my own. What makes the faculty so unique and gives me confidence in the level of acquired knowledge is that all my professors are young enough to be still working in the field, so I have confidence that my expertise will be up-to-date once I graduate. They are also very supportive and helped me overcome my difficulties even though I had no IT background at all,” says Daria.

In 2023, Daria received the extraordinary Professor Vlček Scholarship for promoting her home faculty abroad and for her outstanding and motivating academic performance. Daria worked as a so-called teaching assistant (helping teachers and international first-year students with their classes). She has also contributed to translating the web course overview for international students and regularly participates in the internationalization activities of FIT CTU.

“I’m proud of how the university and my home faculty take care of international students, and I’m happy to be part of this process. International activities are very close to my heart, and I will continue to do so even after I graduate,“ Daria adds.

Actually, she plans to pursue her master’s studies at FIT CTU and would be honoured to be accepted to the new master’s double degree programme, Digital Business Engineering, at FIT CTU in cooperation with the University of Antwerp and, as she already mentioned, she also plans to continue her activities to support students on behalf of FIT CTU and to promote her studies at FIT CTU abroad and also in the Czech Republic.

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