COFIT jobs fair

Information for exhibitors

Dear Partners and Sponsors of FIT CTU,
Thank you for the long-term cooperation and energy you put into all our joint projects and activities. You can find organizational information for exhibitors at the COFIT jobs fair on this page.

The next COFIT will take place on 26 March 2024. All partners and sponsors of the CTU FIT will be informed via email.

Place and time

  • 26 March 2024
  • 10:00–17:00
  • Atrium of the New building of CTU, Thákurova 9, 160 00 Prague 6

COFIT website


Please meet the following requirements: 

  1. Each participant registers here. The number of participants at the stand is limited to max. 5 people.

  2. Update job offers, internships and projects for students – see a Publication of offers for students section.

  3. Check your logo on the page of partners and sponsors and the link to your website. Send requirements for changes to    

  4. Individual requests go to
    1. If you have your own stand and do not need a table and chairs from us. Please provide the specifications of your stand for placement.
    2. If you are planning an activity at the stand that requires more space or technical support (electricity and WiFi provided).

    3. If you are interested in having another stand outside the faculty, food truck, etc. – there is an extra fee of CZK 10,000 excluding VAT.


Monday, 25 March

  • 18:00–20:00
    Possibility of preparing stands and storing your equipment / by arrangement
    Atrium of the New building of CTU

Tuesday, 26 March

  • 8:00–10:00
    Stand preparation
    Atrium of the New building of CTU
  • 10:00–17:00
    COFIT Jobs Fair 
    Atrium of the New building of CTU
  • 11:00–17:00
    Refreshments – 3rd floor, room 364
    Coffee – free in Archicafé (behind the gatehouse in the atrium)

Stands layout

Stand placement is based on the type of cooperation (partner/sponsor) and is decided by the fair organizers. We will email you the exact location of your stand a few days before the fair, and you will also find a map here. Due to capacity reasons, it is not possible to choose a specific place in advance.

Organizational information

Parking and helping with things

To unload boxes, you can park directly in front of the rear entrance to the building in Kolejní or Bechyňova street for a while. After that, please immediately move to the purple zones in the area. Parking in the building FIT ČVUT is not possible due to capacity reasons. Our assistants can help you unload your stuff, and a trolley will be available to move heavy items.

Info on the stands

  • The placement of the stands is based on the type of cooperation (partner/sponsor) and is decided by the fair’s organizers. We will send you the exact location of your stand a few days before the fair, and you will also find a map here. It is not possible to select a specific place in advance.
  • For partners, there are wooden tables with dimensions of 216×123 cm; for sponsors, there are white tables 140–160×80 cm.
  • If you have your own stand, please inform us in advance.
  • Electric sockets and WiFi are available for each stand.
  • The information Cooperation with Industry stand will be available throughout the fair, where you can contact with requests or contact Jana Hacmacová at +420 723 841 572.


  • Username: COFIT
  • Password: cofitvystavovatel


  • Please leave any promotional materials and advertisements you wish to leave at the faculty at the information stand. We will take care of the placement.

  • The new CTU building is barrier-free.

  • We ask you not to offer snacks (popcorn, candies, drinks in cups, etc.) on the premises of the building due to the increased pollution of the building.

  • Our photographer will document the whole event. Photos will be used on our website and social networks, and we will send them to you for your own use.

Job opportunities for students

You can post your job offers, internships and projects for students on our website

  1. Register at

  2. Send your name and your registration email to so we can link your account to your company’s profile.

  3. Complete your profile and manage your offers.


How to create an offer

  • Check the Guide to Offers for useful tips on formulating offers for our students.

  • There is no limit to the number of published offers. Advertising is included in the price of cooperation.

  • You set the validity of the offer yourself. After this time, the offer will stop appearing, you will see it as inactive in the administration, and you can restore it yourself.

  • When you create an offer, it will immediately appear on the web.

  • When you delete an offer, then refresh the page to see the new changes.

  • If you want to create a topic for your final or semester thesis, enter this offer as a “study project”.

  • The display and arrangement of offers on the web are determined by a reconditioning system based on the interest in the offer, and if the student has signed up for a subscription, then also by his/her preferences (i.e. completed subjects and interests).

Contact person

Ing. Jana Hacmacová

Organization, contracts, Stands

The person responsible for the content of this page: Ing. Jakub Novák