COFIT jobs fair in the 2021/2022 summer semester


30. 3. 2022
10:00 – 17:00


Atrium of the New Building

Thákurova 9, Prague 6

Are you looking for a thesis or term paper topic, a part-time job or a job after your studies? The COFIT jobs fair will present more than 40 IT companies. You can take advantage of professional advice from the CTU Career Centre and look forward to the new visionary Technology Foresight talk show with Sara Polak and guests from faculty and companies.

Wednesday, 30 Mar. 2022, 10:00–17:00
Atrium of the New Building of CTU

The COFIT jobs fair will take place in the contact form at FIT CTU.

Program Technology Foresight FB event


Company kiosks

Atrium of the New Building of CTU

Get to know company experts and HR managers and find out what opportunities you have during your studies and what career goals you can achieve.

Partners and sponsors JOB OFFERS

Accenture – 11 DENEVY – 18 Pure Storage – 2
Ackee – 10 Dialog Semiconductor – 19 PwC – 48
Adastra – 38 Eaton – 16 Quanti – 45
AKKA – 42 eMan – 40 Recombee – 1
Alza – 24 Generali Česká pojišťovna – 31 Siemens Mobility – 33
AMI – 13 – 21 ŠKODA AUTO – 6
Applifting – 12 Career Centre CTU – 37 Splunk – 8
Barclays – 25 KIWI – 29 SUSE Linux – 35
Betsys – 30 Komerční banka – 20 Thales DIS – 47
BigHub – 3 KOMIX – 43 Tip IT Solutions – 34
CDN77 – 4 KPMG – 39 TUV SUD – 46
Česká spořitelna – 32 Matee Devs – 28 Uniqway – 5
Commerzbank – 44 MSD – 17 Valeo – 36
DataLab FIT CTU – 22 NN IT HUB Prague – 15 Veeam Software – 27
Datamole – 7 OpenDataLab FIT CTU – 23 2N TELEKOMUNIKACE – 26
Deloitte – 14 Profinit – 9  

Technology Foresight

Room T9:152 + online

No one can predict exactly where technological development is heading, but our guests can approach it in their fields. In each episode of a visionary tech-show called Technology Foresight, Sara Polak interviews experts from the laboratories of the Faculty of Information Technology and partner companies about technologies that have the potential to advance development a few steps into the future. You will learn about their achievements so far, their short-term plans, and their ambitious visions. And if all our predictions come true? We will have to wait for that.


Career Centre CTU

Atrium of the New Building of CTU

Use the opportunity of professional career consultancy CTU. They offer CV and LinkedIn consultations and provide valuable tips for job interviews. You can also try a recruitment interview.


Company talks

Messaging Design Patterns for Cloud Systems – Datamole
Tomáš Pajurek (Technical Software Architect)

Asynchronous messaging is an essential and well-understood technique that is used widely in software systems to deal with problems such as scalability or increasing complexity. In this talk, the benefits and drawbacks of asynchronous messaging will be discussed and compared to synchronous request-reply alternatives (e.g. HTTP) will be made. Finally, several patterns for asynchronous messaging that are widely used in modern cloud software systems will be presented.

Turning Data into Doing – Splunk
Anatol Doroskevic (Sales Engineer)

Join Splunk to hear a story about how one pony became much more than just a tiny horse. At Splunk, we’ve got a pony of our own and we call him – Buttercup. Yep, you heard that right. And we’re gonna tell you what makes him special and maybe (just maybe!) talk about how Splunk’s amazing technology makes machine data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone. We’ll demonstrate how Splunk removes the barriers between data and action and why industry leaders globally rely on Splunk to bring data to every question, decision and action.

So swing by to learn about what we do at Splunk and get a chance to win a mini-Buttercup of your own and some cool Splunk swag!

InfoAgainstWar (IAW)


Are you a student from Ukraine, Russia or Belarus and want to join the IAW? Come to the meeting for those interested.

The IAW group is currently working at the FIT CTU, where it is studying several hundred students from countries involved in the conflict. It is supported by experts from the faculty laboratories OpenDataLab and DataLab.

Our goal is to fight the current and future conflicts using available, accurate and verified information. We develop open-source software tools that help to collect, verify and make information available. In addition to collecting, processing, validating and publishing information in real-time, we are dedicated to ways and in what form to get information to those for whom it is relevant and important. Currently, our focus is on the war in Ukraine.


Technology Foresight

No one can predict precisely where technological development is headed, but our guests can get closer in their respective fields. In our new visionary talk show, Sara Polak interviews experts from the FIT CTU laboratories and partner companies about technologies that have the potential to push development several steps into the future. You will learn about their successes so far, plans and ambitious visions. And will all the predictions come true? We’ll have to wait and see.

Technology Foresight