Technology in society conference #2: Heroism


3. 6. 2023
10:00 – 17:00


FIT CTU in Prague
Lecture hall T9:105

Thákurova 9, Prague 6


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Heroism | Technology in society conference #2

What opportunities for heroism are made possible by modern technology? And does heroism still have a place in our cloud world? 

Heroism takes many forms. From grand gestures in the spotlight to other people’s invaluable actions. From courageous solutions to emergencies within minutes or hours to just seemingly routine day-to-day assistance to others spanning decades. From great scientific discoveries affecting the future of all mankind to even the smallest improvement in the day for individuals in our immediate vicinity.

Sara Polak will guide you through the conference

You can hear Sara on the faculty podcast, “Jedničky a Nuly”. She also hosts the visionary talk show, Technology Foresight, where she discusses the future of technology with experts from FIT and partner companies. She is a founder of the CCHAOS research group at FIT CTU.

Sara is originally an archaeologist and evolutionary anthropologist with rich experience in tech startups in LA and London. She focuses on the formation of the Cloud Civilisations concept, a mechanism of how to best use technology to optimize society’s evolutionary potential. She popularizes and demystifies AI for the general public.


Block 1

Novinky ve výzkumu CCHAOS Research

Sara Polak, Tomáš Houdek, Jakub Šenovský, David Pešek, Vladislav Komkov

Blockchain v medicíně – prezentace vítěze Hackathonu na zdraví!

Honza Slavík

Technologie a právo – hrdinství versus regulace

Jan Zibner

Virtuální realita – nepřímé hrdinství pomocí technologií

Iveta Fajnerová

Hacking as a life challenge

Pavol Lupták

Block 2

Fake history and fake storytelling as a means of challenging heroism

Joshua Goode

Role of charisma in leadership and social evolution (keynote)

Robin Dunbar | Oxford University

Urbanism and enabling public heroism

Isaiah Murray

Block 3

Chránění budov, prostor, a symbióza lidí a strojů

Martin Giebel | INNOVIS

Etika, válka, umělá inteligence a role jednotlivce v krizi

David Černý | Akademie věd ČR

Sláva po smrti – kdy se tvoří hrdinové?

Vědátor (Ladislav Loukota a Jan “JaRon” Tomáštík)

Space – the exploration of martyrdom, leadership, heroism, pioneering

Brendan Hall

Co jste si zapamatovali ze dne? Tajná cena součástí!

Pub quiz


Come to the Fun Arena after the marathon of talks! A look at video game history in the Cyber Arcade and the Mana Potion board game club awaits you.

Conference visitors have a discounted admission fee of CZK 350 (payment by card or cash, you must show your conference ticket).

For whom the event is intended

If you are interested in technology, science, culture and want to get a new insight into our society, then you must not miss this conference! Admission to the event is free after prior reservation. Suitable for academics, students and the general public. Come with us to find answers to the forms of heroism. We look forward to seeing you!

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About the conference

The Technology in society conference will bring you closer to the diverse aspects of human society – from medicine to finance and exciting technologies such as AI or blockchain.

The world around us is complicated – crises, wars, schizophrenia of society’s identity. We are not the first wave of humanity to deal with the issue of social complexity. But we are the first wave of humanity who have the most modern technologies at our disposal to understand why we behave the way we do.

With this intent, the CCHAOS (Cloud Civilisations, Honest, and Optimised Systems) research group was created at FIT CTU. It aims to multidisciplinary examine the phenomena of social complexity.

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