Coronavirus – Current Information

To reduce the risk of transmission ​​of COVID-19, the operation of the faculty follows extraordinary and protective measures.

CTU Coronavirus Information

Current measures at FIT from 14 March 2022

  • Access to FIT buildings and other facilities: without restrictions.
  • From 14 March 2022, respiratory protection is no longer mandatory in indoor areas. (It applies only to the premises of social and medical facilities, more in extraordinary measure of the Ministry of Health of the CR.)
  • To minimize the transmission of the disease, we encourage you to first make an appointment by phone and consult for a possible visit before a contact visit to a general practitioner at the Bechyňova Medical Center.

Measures for employees

  • Employees are not subject to any workplace measures or restrictions.
  • The faculty continues to allow a work-from-home regime (remote working) after the approval of the head of the department, for a maximum of 5 working days per month.

Measures for students

  • Students are not subject to any measures or restrictions when moving around the school premises.

Information on teaching in the 2021/2022 academic year

  • The faculty will provide distance support to international students who, for objective reasons, cannot physically attend classes (e.g. they have not been issued a visa).
  • Classes in the summer semester are in the contact (full-time) form.
  • Information on individual classes instruction is available in the Courses information system.
  • Unless students are informed otherwise by the teachers of a particular class, the timetable applies.
  • We continue to make streams and recordings from FIT large lecture halls available on the OnlineFIT website. FIT is thus fulfilling one of the measures to improve the quality of studies at FIT CTU, which is in accordance with the approved Strategic Plan of FIT and its Implementation Plan. More info, including legal and technical information on making and publishing recordings and their compliance with GDPR and other legislation, can be found at OnlineFIT. Recordings of lectures from other FIT classrooms will be published optionally, according to the instructions of the respective teachers.
  • The Office of Study Affairs operates within the stated office hours.
  • Based on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Methodological Guideline No. 1/2022 on the support of students with specific needs and the extraordinary solution of difficulties in the study was issued. The CTU will cater for bachelor’s and master’s students who, due to the pandemic, have experienced particularly serious family or health complications which have led to deterioration or disruption of their health and, in this connection, to study difficulties. In such a situation, do not hesitate to contact your study officer.