FIT current information on coronavirus can be found here.

Coronavirus – Current Information

General information

  • All CTU employees and students are required to check the current information published on this site daily.
  • Students or employees who are infected with the coronavirus and persons who are placed in quarantine are required to report this fact without delay by email to and

Current measures at FIT from 22 Nov. 2021

  • Access to buildings:
  • Respiratory protection: all indoor areas of CTU buildings – protective equipment with at least FFP2/KN95 level of protection (e.g. respirator, nano-filter face mask), except:
    • academic employees during instruction (only if they are fully vaccinated).
    • the examinee and the examiner during the examination while maintaining a distance between them of at least 1.5 meters.
    • employees working at one place individually (otherwise, at least a medical face mask with a similar degree of protection is sufficient).
    • the time of consumption of food and meals, including drinks (e.g. in the canteen).
    • and others listed in the extraordinary measure.
  • To minimize the transmission of the disease, we encourage you to first make an appointment by phone and consult for a possible visit before a contact visit to a general practitioner at the Bechyňova Medical Center.

Restrictions for employees

  • Restrictions on the entry into the workplace:
    • From 22 Nov. 2021, the mandatory periodic testing of employees (except for vaccinated employees and those who have had COVID-19 in the last 180 days) is resumed every week. (Details including how to enter results and exceptions were sent in a bulk email).
    • If they are obliged to undergo a test after returning to the Czech Republic based on the extraordinary measure, until the negative result, they are not entitled to be physically present at the workplace.
    • If they travel abroad, they are obliged to report the country of residence (in the absence system or in the travel order).
    • The test result or an exception from it is entered into the CTU application.

Restrictions for students

  • In accordance with the Rector’s Order No. 21/2020, from 8 Nov. 2021, students are obliged to wear effectively protective equipment with at least FFP2/KN95 level of protection (e.g. respirator, nano-filter face mask) during classes (this does not apply to students who are not allowed to do so for medical reasons), except for educational activities, the nature of which does not allow the wearing of protective equipment (especially physical education, etc.).
  • Restrictions on the entry into CTU buildings:
    • At academic ceremonies, it is necessary to observe the part of the extraordinary measure that concerns public or private events (including the obligation to prove the absence of infection).
    • Like employees, entry restrictions into CTU buildings apply after returning from abroad (i.e. only after a negative test result or prooving the absence of infection).
    • Mandatory periodic testing as a condition for participation in education was repealed on 1 July 2021.
  • From 1 August 2021, foreign students may be issued a visa for the purpose of studying in the academic year 2021/2022, even students from countries with an extreme risk of infection, such as Russia (see protective measure regarding the entry of persons on the territory of the Czechia).

Information on teaching in the 2021/2022 academic year

  • Teaching in the winter semester will begin in full-time/contact form. During presence on the CTU premises, it is necessary to observe regime measures, such as the obligation to wear respiratory protection (see above Restrictions for students).
  • The faculty will provide distance support to international students who, for objective reasons, cannot physically attend classes (e.g. they have not been issued a visa).
  • Information on individual classes instruction is available in the Courses information system.
  • Unless students are informed otherwise by the teachers of a particular class, the timetable applies.
  • The Office of Study Affairs operates within the stated office hours. On other days, in the online mode, i.e. via emails or MS Teams, most of your requests can be handled in this way.