10 years of innovation in network technologies and multimedia in the SAGElab laboratory at FIT CTU

9. 4. 2024Ivana Macnarová

Its goal is to support teaching and educating experts in network technologies, multimedia, and virtual reality. SAGElab is a joint workplace of FIT CTU and the CESNET association and also creates space for research and development of new network applications. What is its current equipment, and what activities or projects does it tackle?

Due to the rapid development of information and modern technologies, SAGELab is constantly innovating and developing its technological equipment for teaching, projects, and research to offer students the best background. The laboratory is equipped with large-scale visualization equipment with high-resolution 8K+ (9600 x 4320 ) and a high-speed connection to a computer network of 100 Gbps, which is controlled by the laboratory's own software system, enabling simultaneous display of the outputs of many applications. Other equipment includes state-of-the-art 3D digitization technology, optical 3D scanning, special human-computer interaction tools, and virtual reality development equipment.

In the laboratory, accurate digital models of objects, such as historical collection items, are created, and experts from the laboratory are constantly coming up with new possibilities for their visual presentation in the Internet environment or exhibition displays. In SAGElab, he is also developing his own technology for image and sound transmissions over a computer network with a delay of milliseconds. An example of its use is the possibility of connecting musicians and other artists remotely in real-time. The laboratory also deals with its own development of technology for communication and monitoring of quantities through the Internet of Things networks.

"My work, even in the laboratory, is mainly about passing on experience and enthusiasm to students during teaching and involvement in interesting projects. Our projects are more applicable in everyday life. As an example, I can cite the unique project Dowry Cities of Czech Queens with an application in virtual reality, which reconstructed the history of the city of Hradec Králové and brought it closer to the general public," says Ing. Jiří Chludil, head of the SAGElab laboratory for FIT CTU.

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