Faculty statement on developments in Ukraine

The Faculty Management joins the Rector’s response, the statement of the Minister of Education and the statement of the Czech Rectors’ Conference and condemns the aggression against sovereign Ukraine.

“According to the Higher Education Act, one of the key roles of a university is to play an active role in the public debate on events in society and to promote mutual understanding. Regrettably, instead of working together to tackle global issues such as the current coronavirus pandemic, air protection, water management, or resource efficiency, we are facing a situation in Europe that we may not have imagined could happen, and yet it has.

The coming days, weeks and months will bring new information and challenges. We sympathize with those who find themselves in this difficult situation. We will focus on finding appropriate forms of support for those who are and will be affected by the situation in Ukraine. 

I believe that as a faculty we will be united as we have been, and we will work together to find ways to help and solve the problems we face,” has declare a dean of faculty doc. Marcel Jiřina.

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