Research Summer at FIT VýLeT: FIT financially supports students in their own research

The next year of the Research Summer at FIT (VýLeT) student research program 2021 has been successfully finished. The current year of VýLeT 2022 has just started, and it is possible to apply by 13 May 2022. The aim of the program is to enable students to participate in research and participate in the preparation of a scientific article on either a given or their own topic. Students publish their articles or create a paper at the conference and get an extra scholarship or financial reward of up to CZK 40,000.

Program VýLeT aims to financially support students for independent scientific work and publishing activities. Students can also apply the results of their research in their studies, e.g. in their master thesis. Students can either choose their own topic or choose one of the topics offered by FIT mentors.

The program is divided into three stages. The first main stage takes place during the summer months, July to August. The second stage takes place during the winter semester. The optional third stage, including the publication of a popular science article, takes place in the winter semester and may extend into the summer semester.

As part of VýLeT 2021, 41 bachelor’s and master’s students were admitted to scientific research activities at the faculty; 35 students successfully completed the first stage, 12 were awarded a financial reward for completing stage two, and 1 student also completed the optional third stage. In collaboration with FIT mentors, students have again helped to solve problems in everyday life and the scientific sphere through their research. Students dealt with, for example, robotic agents, drones or high-speed cameras.

Ing. Radek Ježek is also among the successful graduates who completed a master’s degree at FIT in 2021 in the Knowledge Engineering specialization with his final thesis “Power line vegetation management using UAV images”. Within VýLeT 2021, he wrote the article “Detection of vegetation risks near distribution networks using drone data”, which was based on his final thesis.

“My work aims to create a robust algorithm for automatic detection of vegetation encroachment in the power line corridor using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), the techniques of photogrammetry, and computer vision,” says Ing. Radek Ježek.

Every student of the bachelor’s or master’s degree program at FIT CTU can apply for the VýLeT program. It is currently possible to register for the year 2022.