The 33rd Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching was held at FIT CTU in Prague

2. 8. 2022Ivana Macnarová

This year’s 33rd International Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching (CPM) took place on 27–29 June 2022 at the Faculty of Information Technology, CTU in Prague. The event was attended by 59 participants, and another 50 participants joined online. The conference focused on combinatorial pattern matching, which addresses issues of searching, indexing and matching strings and more complicated structures such as trees, regular expressions, graphs, point sets or arrays. 

The conference program included three invited talks, two highlights talks and 26 regular talks given by international experts from all over the world. The keynote lectures covered several interesting topics and were delivered by:

  • Prof. Takehiro Ito from the Tohoku University in Japan  
    “Invitation to Combinatorial Reconfiguration” 
  • Prof. Jeffrey Shallit from the University of Waterloo in Canada 
    “Using automata and a decision procedure to prove results in pattern matching”
  • Assistant Professor  Sharma V. Thankachan, Ph.D., from the Computer Science Department at the University of Central Florida, USA 
    “Compact Text Indexing for Advanced Pattern Matching Problems: Parametrized, Order-isomorphic, 2D, etc.” 

In the highlights section of the talks, the most important information on recent developments in combinatorial pattern matching published at other conferences was presented.

The next CPM 2023 will be held in Paris, France.

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