Successful graduates of the unique Minor inter-university programme

30. 10. 2023Ivana Macnarová

Five students of the Faculty of Information Technology, CTU in Prague, (FIT CTU) received a prestigious certificate of successful graduation from the unique inter-university educational programme Minor in Artificial Intelligence, offered by the initiative in cooperation with CTU in Prague and Charles University. The ceremony of awarding certificates to young talents in the field of AI took place at the Prague Mayor’s Residence on 5 October 2023 in the presence of leading representatives of the City of Prague and representatives of all involved faculties.

Among this year’s 18 graduates of the Minor programme, there were also five representatives from FIT CTU: Ing. Erik Hulmák, Ing. Ján Chudý, Ing. Juraj Kmec, Ing. Adriána Majtánová and Ing. Matej Šutý. A total of 47 graduates have already successfully completed the programme, 11 of whom are graduates from FIT CTU. Another 108 students are currently registered in the programme. Minor is an important initiative that helps, in cooperation with the participating universities and the City of Prague, to educate a new generation of AI experts, both from a technical and ethical point of view. Networking events and professional meetings with leading business representatives are an integral part of the educational programme.

“Joining the Minor programme was, without exaggeration, one of my best study decisions,” said Ing. Erik Hulmák, this year’s graduate from FIT CTU, and added: “It allowed me to study the most interesting and advanced courses at other faculties, such as Autonomous Robotics, Reinforcement Learning, and even AI ethics. I could also participate in workshops and excursions that gave me a glimpse into the inner workings of both startups and corporations and have open conversations with other students and people from the industry.”

“I evaluate the programme very positively. I think there is something for everyone. For me personally, the primary benefit was the expansion of my knowledge in the field of Machine Learning, AI, or Data Science. The programme offers a unique opportunity to register for courses we do not have at our faculty or learn something extra. Even though I have already completed the programme, I can still attend programme events in the future,” mentioned Ing. Ján Chudý, this year’s graduate from FIT CTU.

The Minor programme is open to all students of the participating universities – especially, but not exclusively, from FIT CTU, FEE CTU, Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, both Charles University. Each year, the programme accepts new students. Registration always takes place each spring on the website.

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