FIT student finds out how to improve archery

Student of FIT CTU Bc. Matěj Jech found out how an archer can hit the target more accurately. The results of his research are of great benefit to the archery community, from coaches to top athletes. In his bachelor thesis, he analyzed and accurately described archery mistakes that have a significant impact on the target hit by the arrow. For his research he used superb IT technology. In his bachelor thesis, he analyzed and accurately described the archery errors that have a significant effect on hitting the target with an arrow. 

Bc. Matěj Jech has two hobbies - archery and information technology. In his final thesis he linked the two and described human error, which archers rarely know about and which affect the target hit. In his thesis entitled "Measurement of flight characteristics of an arrow using a high-speed camera", he analysed in detail the technique of releasing an arrow from a bow and defined the erroneous body posture of archers, which they can avoid and improve their sport performance.

"The results of my work will help the archers to realize what caused the wrong target hit and what to watch out for," says Matěj Jech and adds: "I would like to contribute to this sport in the field of research and help coaches and archers."

For the analysis of archery technique Matěj Jech compared spacing between the fingers of the hand holding the bowstring, the distance of this hand from the face of the archer and rotation rate of the hand. He found, for example, how errors in technique cause variances from hitting the centre of the target. For his research, he used high-speed cameras and image-processing methods in the university's Image Processing Laboratory.

"High-speed cameras and image processing methods were the ideal resources to analyze archery technique," says Ing. Jakub Novák, head of the bachelor thesis and also head of the Image Processing Laboratory and adds: "To monitor the archer's movements, we set the the scanning frequency to 600 snapshots per second, which guaranteed an accurate capture of reality and enabled the data obtined evaluation."

In the Czech Republic, archery does not receive much attention. Matěj Jech's research contributes to the improvement of sport performance and to promote more of archery as a top sport in the Czech Republic.

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