FIT CTU student won an international award for the best student paper on Evaluation of Recommender Systems

Ing. Petr Kasalický, a PhD student at FIT CTU, won the Best Student Paper Award at the Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD 2023), held in Los Angeles on 6–10 August 2023. Petr presented his research at the EvalRS workshop focused on the evaluation of recommender systems, which he addressed in his master’s thesis and continues to explore in his PhD studies.

“It was my first time attending such a huge conference as KDD 2023, and I found it very beneficial and inspiring. I met people working on the same research problems at world-class universities such as Stanford and New York University and companies such as Mozzila, NVIDIA, Twitter and Netflix. We discussed the current best solutions and unanswered research questions in recommender system evaluation.”

This is not Petr’s first success; he has already graduated from the Minor programme in 2021, which aims to educate the next generation of experts in artificial intelligence. In addition, in 2018, he won the Dean’s Award for his bachelor’s thesis, Content-Based Recommendation Model Trained Using Interaction Similarity.

Petr studies at FIT CTU within the Industrial PhD programme supported by Recombee. He has now returned from his six-month internship in Singapore, where he devoted himself to researching recommender systems on the Joint modeling of explicit and implicit feedback at the School of Computing and Information Systems.

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