The new Doctoral Double Degree programme at FIT CTU has its first graduate who received two degrees at once

Ing. Marek Suchánek, Ph.D. et PhD., is the first graduate of the Double Degree programme at the Faculty of Information Technology CTU in Prague (FIT CTU) and the Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of Antwerp (FBE UA). On 22 November 2023, he successfully defended his dissertation and simultaneously received diplomas from his home and partner’s prestigious foreign university. The University of Antwerp is currently ranked 280th in the global QS World University Rankings, and CTU is ranked 454th.

Marek Suchánek received his first doctoral degree in the Informatics programme at the home Department of Software Engineering (DSE), FIT CTU, and the second in the Applied Economics doctoral programme at the Department of Management Information Systems of the Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Antwerp. His supervisors during his doctoral studies were doc. Ing. Robert Pergl, Ph.D., from FIT CTU and Prof. Dr. Herwig Mannaert from FBE UA.

“It is a special and, at the same time, delightful feeling to be a pioneer and show the way to other students. It was challenging in many ways, but it was definitely worth it. As the result of my two-discipline PhD studies, my dissertation, Towards a Normalized Systems Gateway Ontology for Conceptual Models, contributes to research on evolvable software systems and links conceptual modelling with software implementation based on Normalized Systems Theory,” said Marek Suchánek.

Marek Suchánek received a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Information Systems and Management at FIT CTU. He is the deputy head and, simultaneously, one of the founding members of the Centre for Conceptual Modelling and Implementation (CCMi). Currently, he is an assistant professor at DSE FIT CTU and is also significantly involved in pedagogical activities. He leads bachelor’s team-based software projects and bachelor’s and master’s theses. All his already published scientific articles have over 140 citations on scientifically recognized platforms (WoS, Scopus, Google Scholar).

The double degree programme of FIT CTU and FBE UA is open to graduates not only from FIT CTU but also from other universities and faculties who will be admitted to doctoral studies at FIT CTU and whose research topic will link informatics with economics. We believe this unique opportunity will appeal to other PhD students who will take advantage of the opportunity to obtain double Ph.D. et PhD. simultaneously.

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