The main equipment of the Robotic Agents Laboratory are, of course, robotic agents, and we have many of them, namely the following:

Ozobot EVO

The Ozobot EVO is a small reflex-controlled robot that can follow a line drawn on the surface. It is differentially controlled, similar to robot vacuum cleaners. Ozobot can also be programmed using the simple programming language called Ozoblockly. We have a lot of Ozobots in the lab so that we can build large multi-agent systems.

CrazyFlie 2.1

CrazyFlie 2.1 is a miniature drone, but it is perfectly equipped despite its size. The unique feature of this drone is that it is designed to operate indoors (so experiments can be performed in the comfort of the lab, even in bad weather). For our drone swarm, we also have a special localization system that allows us to track the position of each member of the swarm accurately.



ePuck2 is one of the best mobile robots for researchers, designed at EPFL in Switzerland. It is actually a computer on wheels packed with various sensors, including a camera, microphones, infra-red sensors etc. This robot is suitable for testing designs of fully autonomous agents.

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