Information Security

You will become a security expert and you will know how to operate and improve various computer systems with regards to their security. You will know how to choose appropriate and secure hardware and software, integrate it into the existing system according to requirements on secure operation. You will be able to reliably analyze potential security risks in the ICT infrastructure and come up with solutions to problems.

What will you learn?

We will teach you how to design, configure, assemble, administer, operate and innovate secure computer and network infrastructures with the necessary knowledge of hardware and software. You will be able to:

  • Look for potential risks
  • Make computer systems and networks secure
  • Design and administer secure SW and HW for ICT systems

What jobs will you be able to do?

Someone who is able to ensure that all information will stay safe surely has a lot of options. Being an expert and having the latest knowledge in cybersecurity means you will be able to find a job in any company. And that’s not all. You can become:

  • Security analyst and architect
  • Developer of secure software and hardware
  • Forensic analyst
  • Security technician in data centres and companies that provide computer infrastructure hosting

Specialization is focused on these topics

prof. Ing. Róbert Lórencz, CSc.

Head of the Department of Information Security

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