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Sequential opening of access to timetable creation

Students can choose their course timetable for the next semester using the KOS system functions. They access these functions sequentially based on their grades. Besides spreading the system’s load over a more extended period, the aim of this sequential opening is mainly to motivate a responsible approach to studying – students with better results have a better opportunity to adjust their timetable.

The sequential access to timetable creation (and the 10-day period for its creation) does not apply to Lifelong learning, Erasmus, and other short-term study stays.

Principle of sequential opening

Students are given access to the timetable sequentially in groups (about 300 students per day). The date of opening the timetable for the first group is determined in the schedule of the academic year. Each following morning the timetable is opened for the next group. When access to your timetable creation is opened, an information email is sent to your school address.

The waiting list of students is determined by the sum of the weighted credits for completed courses (SWCC). In the KOS system, you can see your current SWCC gain and information on the limit value for the day. The SWCC gain is calculated as follows:

  • Upper-year and first-year students of the summer semester see their current SWCC gain for the current semester and the previous one.

  • First-year students of the winter semester see their current SWCC gain for the current winter semester (their only semester so far). To organize students of all years into one waiting list, these students’ SWCC are multiplied by two (for this purpose only).

If you get a new grade record in the KOS system during the day, which increases the value of your SWCC, you can request the system for an instant check and, as the case may be, access to timetable creation.

Calculation of the SWCC

The contribution to the total for each completed course is calculated as follows:

  • For a course with a grade (examination or graded assessment):
    SWCC = ⟨course credits⟩ × (4 − ⟨numerical equivalent of the grade⟩)

  • For a course with an assessment:
    SWCC = ⟨course credits⟩

A 1.0
B 1.5
C 2.0
D 2.5
E 3.0

Ten-day period

The 10 days for creating your personal timetable are calculated from the day you actually start working on your timetable. Not from the day you are given access to its creation. You must confirm your registration for the semester in the KOS system by the end of this period; otherwise, your timetable will be automatically canceled. Article 7 of Directive No. 57/2023 sets out the details.

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