FIT given a unique award for promoting CR abroad

Since 2009, FIT students have been involved in the activities of Czech-American TV, a US nonprofit organization, by using the outcomes of their theses and in this way promoting the Czech Republic and its regions. As a result, FIT is the first-ever university faculty in the Czech Republic that has received an award for the long-term promotion of the Czech Republic from the hands of John Honner, an American producer and founder of Czech-American TV.

FIT CTU is the only institution collaborating with CATV USA that has received the award recognizing its commitment from the organization’s founder, John Honner. Students of FIT CTU have been closely collaborating with the organization for 11 years, using the outcomes of their bachelor and master theses. They have come up with technical solutions for the development of the broadcaster’s website. They have devised a system to make broadcasting more efficient and in this way, they have contributed to building the reputation of the Czech Republic abroad.

“Our organization contributes to spreading the renown of the Czech Republic also by other activities, such as teaching Czech language in the US in cooperation with the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a project focused on searching for Czech ancestors and their roots in cooperation with the State Regional Archives of the Czech Republic, or promoting traditional Czech cooking in cooperation with the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň,” John Honner lists some of the nonprofit projects currently underway.

Czech-American TV has broadcast programs on the regions of Bohemia and Moravia and their cultural heritage in the US since 2013. This public non-commercial broadcasting is watched regularly by 2.5 million households in 60 American cities every week. The internet streaming service and programs in English attract additional tens of thousands of viewers around the world.

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