Watch lectures by world experts in cryptography

On 28 April 2022, world experts in cryptography Joan Daemen and Lejla Batina from the Radboud University in the Netherlands gave their lectures at the FIT CTU in the presence of great interest. If you missed their visit to Prague, you have the opportunity to watch their lectures from the recording. Joan Daemen is one of the two authors of the world-famous AES/Rijndael cipher used for more than 20 years for data security.

Joan Daemen – Permutation-based cryptography

In his lecture, Joan Daemen talked about a “counter-movement they started to clean up symmetric cryptography”. Their effort is to replace block ciphers (e.g. AES) with cryptographic permutations and so-called deck functions as central primitives. Permutation-based cryptography is, at the same, time simpler and more efficient than old-school block cipher based crypto.

Lejla Batina – Deep Learning and Physical Attacks on Embedded Systems: How Deep can we go?

In her lecture, Lejla Batina surveyed some recent results on the two-fold connection between deep learning and side-channel analysis and discussed directions for future work.


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