Students from FIT CTU succeeded in the European competition EuroTeQ Collider

3. 5. 2024

On April 29, 2024, the Czech final of the 4th year of the EuroTeQ Collider European competition took place at CTU. 41 CTU students participated in the competition, of which 7 students from the Faculty of Information Technology CTU in Prague (CTU FIT) were represented in two successful teams. Students of the Secondary Technical School of Communication Technology (SPŠST) Panská, which is a faculty school of FIT CTU, also participated for the first time. Expanding cooperation with secondary schools is one of the tasks of the university alliance EuroTeQ.

Student teams chose from nine topics that were assigned by industrial partners cooperating with CTU. The proposed topics related to the call "Enhanced Connections for Sustainable Futures" and were divided into the categories People, Nature and Technology. From industry, the companies AVL, Pilsner Urquell (Asahi), Capexus (member of ČEZ esco), MAMA AI, ORORO, PRE and Valeo were represented this year.
In the winning student team Anomaly Pulse Masters, FIT CTU students Viktorie Valdmanová and Kamran Aghalarli collaborated with other students from other faculties and with one student representative from SPŠST Panská on the Anomaly Pulse Masters project, which dealt with the topic "Digital Ear" from the client Pilsner Urquell (Asahi) . The students built their project on sound monitoring and noise filtering using the YeastBeast system. In practice, the device will work in such a way that the moment the system detects a non-standard sound, an alarm will be triggered. The software used for this purpose will use machine learning so that it can recognize various deviations from the normal noise level, which is defined in advance by the operator of the production line.


Milan Bittner, malting manager of the Pilsner Urquell company, evaluated the cooperation with CTU as follows: "It was inspiring to watch the students with the interest and professionalism with which they addressed the given topics. I was particularly pleased that two of the teams that took up our challenge took the first two places. EuroTeQhaton is a valuable experience for students that will help them in their further studies and professional life, while also giving them a unique chance to test their knowledge, show their growth mindset and courage, and gain practical skills in a real environment.”

Third place was awarded to a project dealing with the topic of automatic generation of bibliographic metadata. The client was Ororo. Only students from FIT CTU participated in its preparation – Bc. Anna Husieva, B.Sc. Kostiantyn Kuznietsov, Artem Shitin, Natik Agaev and Bc. Kostiantyn Zaihraiev. The result of their collaboration is a flexible, easy-to-use and pre-trained model that is available for free and has very intuitive operation (it uses the Easy OCR platform). The only paid component is the use of ChatGPT, to which the system is linked.

"While working on the project, our main goal was ease of use and the possibility of subsequent integration of the designed prototype. We think that we succeeded thanks to the successful delegation of requirements according to certain abilities of each team member. The successful presentation of our team's project means the opportunity to contribute to the digitization of the world." reports Kostiantyn Kuznietsov, FIT student.

All three winning student teams will present their innovative solutions at the EuroTeQaThon international competition in Paris on June 8-10. They will compete with other students from another 7 foreign partner universities. The winners of the international competition in Paris will thus secure participation in the EuroTeQ Ignite Bootcamp event, which will take place in Barcelona.

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