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“FIT studenti sobě” program

Are you a senior student at FIT and would you like to provide valuable insight to fellow students (e.g. freshmen) and help them find their way around FIT? Do you have an idea or a project that will help teachers with teaching? Although this is a voluntary activity, you can earn some extra money and get new experience that you will use in your studies.

How can I help?
Tutoring, creating materials, helping with teachers 

The “FIT studenti sobě” (Students to Students at FIT) program enables you to pass your experience on to interested fellow students. The idea is that you will help other students understand concepts in difficult courses, create support study materials, animations, practice tasks, program software demonstrations, create and manage websites with support study materials, help younger students prepare for tests and exams, or role play reviewers or feared examiners.

And if you have the ambition, time and courage, you can help with the actual teaching. You will not teach, but you can help teachers with laboratories or other practically oriented classes, to solve individual problems and much more. You can also show new students how to work with KOS, explain to them the strategy for registration in courses or how to study abroad with Erasmus.


The faculty will help you not only by paying you a scholarship, but also by providing you with the necessary means – classrooms, office supplies, possibility to print and copy materials, etc.

Where to begin?

Did we get you hooked up? Great! All that you have to do is get in touch with a teacher or employee of FIT that you want to help and who will be responsible for you as your mentor. It’s up to you who you choose. At the end, your mentor can nominate you for a certificate proving that you have done this job for FIT that you can use on your CV.

Contact the Vice-Dean for Study Affairs with your application that has been approved by your mentor.


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Ing. Zdeněk Muzikář, CSc.

Vice-Dean for Study Affairs

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