Agent systems were the main topic of the EASSS 2023 Summer School

25. 7. 2023

The 23rd edition of the European Agent Systems Summer School (EASSS 2023), organized by the Graphs, Games, Optimization, Algorithms, Theoretical Computer Science (G²OAT) research group, took place at FIT CTU on 21–23 July 2023. The meeting offered the latest findings in the field of agent systems, lectures on game theory or financial market modelling.

The EASSS 2023 Summer School, attended by 42 participants worldwide, raises awareness of agent systems, brings new contacts and deepens existing ones. The programme included lectures by nine foreign scientists and two FIT CTU experts.

“EASSS is an event with a worldwide reputation, and Prague had the honour to host its 23rd edition this year. I am glad that the main idea of the meeting was fulfilled, i.e., to ensure knowledge sharing in agent systems research. EASSS has again managed to reach many young as well as experienced researchers, and thus to contribute to mutual research cooperation,” evaluated the summer school doc. RNDr. Dušan Knop, Ph.D., from the G²OAT research group and co-organizer of the event.

Among the eminent international speakers were, for instance, Argyrios Deligkas from Royal Holloway, University of London, and Themistoklis Melissourgos from the University of Essex. In their joint six-hour lecture, they spoke on the Computation of Nash Equilibria: Recent Advances in Algorithms and Complexity. Alicia Vidler came all the way from the University of New South Wales in Sydney to present her research on the Autonomous agents and agent-based systems applied to Bond Markets. Antonis Bikakis from University College London presented new findings on the Theory and Practice of Formal Argumentation.

FIT CTU was represented by Rodrigo Augusto da Silva Alves, Ph.D., from the Department of Applied Mathematics, with his lecture on the Modern Recommender Systems and by prof. RNDr. Pavel Surynek, Ph.D., from the Robotic Agents Laboratory (RoboAgeLab), with his contribution regarding the problem of the Multiagent Path Finding.

The event is organized under the auspices of EURAMAS, the European Association for Multiagent Systems.