Machine Learning and Data Processing


Big Code: Scalable Analysis of Massive Code Bases

Operational Programme – Research, Development and Education – Structural Funds EU
European Commission
EF15_003/0000421, CZ.02.1.01/0.0/0.0/15_003/0000421
2019 - 2022
The project aims to create at the FIT CTU the Institute of Scalable Code Analytics (ISCA), the first research centre in the CR focused on analyses of large code bases available on the Internet. Software systems are written in source code; BigCode refers to the massive codebases on the Internet. Combining techniques from programming languages and statistical machine learning will allow the mining of these codebases for crucial insights. The requested funds will be invested, in part, to provide the FIT with the first hardware and software infrastructure for big code data analysis. The other part of the research funding will attract internationally renowned researchers in the field of computer languages. The team is synergistic with existing research capacities at the FIT in software and knowledge engineering, data mining and parallel computing. The new team is well connected internationally and will bring investment from leading industrial partners that include Google and Oracle.

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