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Master’s Freshman Guide

Being a complete newcomer can seem a little scary. What do you need to do before you start your studies? You will not forget anything important with our detailed guide.

The page is gradually updated

We are currently working on updating the page for the 2024/2025 academic year, so not all dates and information are currently up to date.

Basic information about your studies

  • You have been admitted to the full-time form of the Informatics programme conducted in English.
  • The standard duration of studies is 2 years*.
  • The maximum duration of studies is 4 years*. (It cannot be exceeded, the study is then terminated.)
  • Upon successful completion of your studies, you will be awarded the degree of “Engineer” (Master of Science equivalent) with the abbreviation Ing.
  • You can then continue in a doctoral degree programme.

* The duration is calculated in days from the date of enrolment.

Enrol in the master’s degree

Enrolment is a legal proceeding under the Higher Education Act when you acquire the status of a student and the rights and obligations specified in the Act and the internal regulations of CTU and FIT. For example, you are entitled to tax credits or a student / international ISIC card. At the same time, however, the so-called maximum duration of studies by which you must complete your studies begins to count.

Enrolment procedure

  • In the application, you can see the Online Enrolment button. If you want to enrol in the study bindingly, click on it from 30 June to 18 September 2024 and follow the instructions. If you still need to arrange your visa, we recommend you wait and enrol at a later date. Once enrolled, we no longer refund your paid tuition fee if you have problems obtaining one.
  • Within a few days after the online enrolment, your CTU account will be set up, and you can continue by following the other points on this page. If you enrol at a later date, you can, for example, apply in advance for dormitory accommodation.

Enrol online

Important information of the Office of Study Affairs

  • After enrolment, you can download the confirmation of your studies from the KOS study system.
  • The certificate for the Foreign Police must be issued to you by the Office of Study Affairs (the KOS confirmation is insufficient).
  • Fill in your contact address and account number (including bank) in the KOS system. It also applies to students who have previously studied at FIT.
  • Do not hesitate to contact your study officer with any questions regarding your studies.
  • Submit the request for recognition of courses from previous studies by 30 days after enrolment.

Before arriving in the Czech Republic

Arrange your health insurance

You have to arrange valid International Health Insurance covering the territory of the Czech Republic. This insurance must be presented before the visa is affixed to the passport. CTU recommends these companies (all provide the online application):

Get your visa

After being accepted for studies in the Czech Republic, you must apply to the Czech Embassy in your country for a visa if needed. Students arriving for a period longer than 90 days apply for a long-term residence permit for study purposes. The whole procedure for obtaining a visa for study purposes can take 60–90 days, so we recommend applying for the visa well in advance. For further information, please get in touch with the Czech Embassy.

CZECH EMBASSY INFORMATION Official web portal for foreigners

Apply for dormitory accommodation

You do not have to worry about where to lay your head. CTU offers accommodation in its dormitories. However, you must apply for it in time. The application deadline for the 1st round is 15 July 2024. If you need help with your registration, you can contact the Accommodation Department at The date for starting your accommodation is from 2 September 2024.

If you enrol at a later date, you may apply for a dormitory without a CTU account. You will log into the accommodation booking system using your study application number and the password you set when you submitted your application.


IT environment

Find out your username and set a password

Every university student has a CTU account, which is used for logging into most faculty and university systems. Use the First Password app to set your password and find your unique username.


Have you studied at CTU in the past?

If you have been a student or an employee of CTU and your password no longer works, or you do not remember it, you have to come in person to the CTU Card Centre, where, after verifying your identity, they allow you to set a new one.

If you remember your original password, but it has expired, and no more than 180 days have passed since the expiration date, you can try to reset it using the password reset form.

Log in to the KOS study system

The KOS study information system is used to administer and organize instruction. Please fill in your contact address and account number. (It also applies to students who have previously studied at FIT.) After enrolment, you can download a confirmation of your studies here.

You will also use the system to register for examinations or courses and create your timetable.


Create your faculty mailbox

Your school email is the official electronic communication channel with the faculty. You will receive important messages from the Office of Student Affairs and teachers through this channel. Therefore, check your inbox regularly and use only your school address for correspondence with teachers and other faculty members.

Your school mailbox will not be created automatically after enrolment, but you must request its creation by the first week of classes.

Please see our instructions for more information on using email services at FIT.

Set up your mailbox

Get internet access

The international eduroam network covers the faculty’s premises. It can come in handy during the summer, as it also works at railway stations in addition to educational facilities.


Study the details of the IT environment

  • All information and instructions can be found at Help FIT.
  • You can post your questions and problems on HelpDesk FIT.
  • You can find an overview of the most important information systems and links in the Systems gateway.

Timetable and studies

Create your timetable

From 2 to 22 September 2024, you should create your timetable in the KOS system. You should have all the compulsory courses registered; you just need to choose which lectures and exercises time slot you will attend. At the same time, you should register yourself for the compulsory courses of your selected/preferred specialization. Each semester you should be registered and successfully obtain approximately 30 credits (i.e. 120 credits in total for the entire study).

Study plans, recommended study pathways, courses and credit numbers can be found in the White Book.

If you enrol in the study at a later date, you will be able to start creating your timetable when your CTU account is set up.

Register for Czech language courses

If you want to learn the basics of Czech, you can register for the semester faculty courses, BIE-CZ0 and BIE-CZ1.21, and earn some credits. For more information, please contact your study officer.

Alternatively, you can also take language courses from the ESN club.

Browse more information about studies

  • Detailed study plans can be found in the CTU White Book.
  • Information on individual courses is available in the Courses system.
  • You can also study other foreign languages.
  • Physical education instruction is elective. However, if you are interested, you can register for a sport on the IPES website after registering the relevant course code in KOS.
  • You can also register for courses from other faculties.
  • You can study abroad from your second year, but you need to start taking an interest and preparing in your first year.
  • The ELSA Centre offers support to students with special needs.
  • We recommend reviewing the Study guide before contacting the Office of Study Affairs with your questions.

Before the academic year starts

Attend introductory events

Would you like to get to know your classmates before the start of the semester and get to know the pitfalls of your future studies? We organize several familiarization events for new students.

Orientation week
  • The ESN club holds the event, providing you with important information to help you settle in the Czech Republic.
  • Date: 16–22 September 2024

Information meeting
  • Faculty organizes this event irregularly to give students a brief introduction to how the study at FIT is organized.
  • Date: TBA, beginning of the winter semester


Get your CTU student ID card

You will need your student ID card to enter buildings and classrooms or to prove your identity in exams. You can get it at the CTU Card Centre, where you can book your visit in advance to avoid long queues.

We recommend choosing the ISIC card, which costs some money but allows you to take advantage of student discounts and benefits. However, it can only be issued from September.

Get your student card

Beginning of the academic year

Come to school!

The 2024/2025 academic year begins on 23 September 2024. There will be no joint information lecture on the first day. It is because everyone’s timetable may not start on Monday. All other important study dates can be found in the academic year schedule.

So to start your studies at FIT, just attend your first class according to your timetable. Best of luck!

Where do the classes take place?

The guide or our navigation system will help you decipher the classroom codes. You can also learn more about our buildings on the Faculty buildings page. In addition, on the first few days, senior students at the entrances to the buildings will give you advice as part of the so-called “Akce prvák” (Freshmen’s event).

Events at the faculty and university

Follow and share life at FIT

Share posts with the #fitcvut and #cvut hashtags and follow FIT on social media:

In addition, you can join the student Discord.

Keep up to date with what’s happening at FIT

  • Remember to read the info-mails from the PR office with an overview of the most interesting events, activities and news sent to your school email address every week.
  • Attend regular faculty events and individual events.
  • Keep up to date with exciting faculty news.

Get involved in student societies and activities

FIT++ student club

The FIT++ club brings together active students of FIT CTU. The society is mainly intended for students who want to get to know their faculty classmates, like to learn something new and try out various projects and events. Club members regularly help the faculty organize events such as the Open Day.


Erasmus Student Network

The club’s vision is to create an international community at CTU. They try to integrate international students into life in the Czech Republic and events at the university. They make surroundings where different cultures meet and foreign and Czech students get to know each other.


CTU Student Union

The association is the umbrella body for individual faculty, dormitory and hobby clubs at CTU. They organize many regular and even more random activities ranging from sports competitions, lectures, and music festivals, through smaller events to various courses.


Further course of studies

Earn credits

There are several checkpoints in your studies, where you must earn at least a certain number of credits to continue your studies. You must then obtain a total of 120 credits for your entire studies.

Duration of studies number of credits

In the first semester 


In the first academic year (2 semesters)


In each subsequent academic year (2 semesters)


Make a final decision on your specialization

You choose your specialisation during your studies. You should start registering for your specialization courses from the second year.

You must finally decide on your specialization when choosing your final thesis topic. You will then report your chosen specialization to the Office of Study Affairs.

Overview of specializations

Complete your studies

You must earn at least 120 credits to complete your studies successfully. At the same time, you must complete all compulsory courses of the programme as well as your chosen specialization.

You complete your studies by writing and defending your final thesis and passing the State Final Examination. You should choose your thesis topic at the beginning of the 4th semester.


Contact persons

You solve the usual administration associated with the study with your study officer. As self-funded students, you can also contact the study advisor. He can help you with the planning of courses or with overcoming obstacles during your studies. An appointment must be arranged by email.

Ludmila Facer

Officer for studies in English and Erasmus/internship international students

Renáta Chalupecká

Officer for English admissions and Digital Business Engineering Master Specialization

prof. Ing. Pavel Tvrdík, CSc.

Study advisor for master self-funded students
Head of the Department of Computer Systems

The person responsible for the content of this page: Ing. Zdeněk Muzikář, CSc.